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    Re: Problems with Drafting Suh?

    Whoever gets picked #1 overall is gonna be paid a ton of cash. Seriously, how is this upsetting? Too me I'd rather pay a ton of cash to Suh than one of the Qb's who aren't worth it. Every player comes with a risk, but Suh's name is last on that list.

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    Re: Problems with Drafting Suh?

    Everyone has the potential to be a bust in the NFL just ask Ryan Leaf (who was prospected to be better than Peyton Manning and look where they're both now), now for Suh, he's not guaranteed to be 100% boom but it's most likely seeing how he has a positive attitude and excellent work ethic.
    Now back on topic, yea the money being made by athletes is getting out of hand, especially Matthew Stafford's contract which is around $70million with $41 million guaranteed (though he does somewhat deserve it seeing that he takes beatings from rabid defenses). Hopefully salary cap will solve this problem...

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    Re: Problems with Drafting Suh?

    I wouldnt worry about it. Its not Eugene Parker who is representing Suh, and thats the guy that caused problems with Crabtree and Dez Bryant

    Anyway, Parker's clients have included Steven Jackson, Hines Ward, Aeneas Williams, Emmit Smith, Larry Fitzgerald and Tyson Jackson. I doubt there will be a problem.

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