The fantastic 4 is who the Rams are focusing on right now. Some can argue its the thrilling 3 or the terrific 2, but whatever. With the exception of Chris Long and Vernon Gholston you can say that we are fine at their position and we really don't need a huge upgrade. What about Dorsey and Jake Long how do they compare to AC and Barron.

Dorsey vs. AC

Motor: Both have terrific non stop motors. Motors are both one of their greatest strengths. They do not stop until they get the tackle or the sack
Result: Draw

Strength: Both are very strong players. Dorsey fought through consistant double teams. The edge has to go to Carriker though. He is extremely strong and that is why he was moved inside
Result: Carriker

Speed: It is actually funny the perception is Dorsey is much faster. Even though 40 times aren't everything Carriker ran in the 4.7's Dorsey ran in the 5.0's. Granted the played different positions (even though they were verry similar) , but Carriker has more coliegate carrer sacks. Carriker has lost a little speed by getting up to 315 pounds. Dorsey plays very fast, but has more speed at UT than Carriker has
Result: Dorsey by an inch

Jake Long vs. Barron

Run Blocking: This one is actually quite easy. Jake Long is a superior run blocker one of the best in a while. He just mauls and destroys guys and just doesn't let them get back up
Result: Jake Long

Pass Blocking: Long has given up 2 sacks in his career one against the speed of Vernon Gholston the other when he was a freshman. It is questionable how he will do against speed rushers in the NFL, but if he uses his great strength he should be fine. Barron actually hasn't been half bad in this department. He only gave up 3.5 sacks this year. This one will be hard to comapare until Long gets into the NFL.
Result: ?

Athleticism: Jake Long's athleticism is underrated, but he is still not the most athletic guy. Barron has good athleticism, but it is diminished by his inability to put everything together.
Result: No winner

Character/ Intelligence: Barron obviously needs some hooked on phonics or something becuase he can't seem to remember what number comes after 2. Some coaches characterize him a lazy because he is weightroomaphobic. Who knows how good he could be if could count and get in the weight room even once in a while. Jake Long high character guy 2 time captain. The number of penalties hes gotten in his life is probably half of Barron's average in a game.
Result: Jake Long