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    Q:What is 17-21 and can change your future for years?

    A: No, not the girl next door, but the teams that draft in between the Rams #16 pick and the Rams #22 pick.

    Rams needs can be defined (in no particular order): WR, OG, S, OLB, RB, WR

    Also depth at S, C, TE, and CB

    So, most of us want our guy or the best guy available at #16....but the question should be asked....

    Should the Rams consider passing on a guy at #16 because they think he will be there at #22 ???

    Lets examine this question by looking at each team.

    #17 Pittsburgh -- WR, RB, TE, OLB, DB
    The Steelers need weapons on offense after losing Wallace and Mendelhall and have only an aging TE --- They also need pass rushers especially at the LB position. If the Rams are considering an offensive weapon the Steelers are a good candidate to swipe in on that guy.

    #18 Cowboys -- OL, DE, DT, S, WR
    The Cowboys will probably have a different approach from the Rams needs but they could use an additional pass catcher to help out Romo. Dallas will likely need Round 1 help in another area because of having such a weak Oline it seems everyone in Dallas wants someone for the Oline here. This may be a tough decision if one of the top rated Guards fall to #16.
    *** Cool Stat -- But if the top six offensive linemen are gone before pick 18 (something that hasn't happened since 1966)
    If not Oline then most likely a Dlineman -- but very outside shot at WR

    #19 Giants -- CB, LB, TE, DE
    The Giants need defensive help in areas that shouldn't really impact the Rams. The Giants need help on the back end of the secondary, and they need an inside LB, and they also need more linebackers and their defense is hurting. Many of the team writers tend to feel the Giants are leaning toward Dline help. With so many defensive problems it is doubtful that they will steal a WR and slim for a OLineman that the Rams are targeting.

    #20 Bears -- OT, G, TE, MLB, CB, WR
    The Bears seem that they still need help on the Oline for the 3rd year in a row. They could use a TE, and maybe depth at WR, but losing Urlacher many think Teo will go here. The Bears shouldn't be a "theif" on the Rams targets, but it seems more and more that all the teams is the 17-21 range have enough needs that they could take anyone if they really feel that player is that good....but priorities do matter.

    #21 Bengals -- S, LB, LB, RB, CB
    The Bengals need defensive help and the feeling is that Linebacker or Safety will have to be addressed in round 1 --- Many talk of more help on offense with a RB or even a TE -- but the insiders truly feel that LB, CB, Safety are where Round 1 will be and the rest filled in later. Unless the Bengals are in love with a running back look for them to take Safety or LB.

    So, I wanted to do that for my own purposes and figured I would write it down to see what happens on draft day and to share it with everyone....of course there can be more trades due to the fact that rookie salaries are not "Bradford" like in Round 1 anymore....

    After looking at this short analysis Steelers are a real threat to take a WR if the Rams passed hoping to wait to #22, and the Cowboys, Giants, and Bears all have interest in Olineman falling.

    There is no doubt about it that they Rams will have to pick one of 2 or 3 guys that they like at #16 and hopefully someone falls to #22 that they want.....

    If you had to make the tough choice of leaving Hopkins, Patterson, or a high ranked WR there at 16 it seems more likely that a WR would make it from 16 to 22 that a Guard...or heck even safety/ LB.....

    The Steelers are the WR threat at this time but trades are there for a reason, and once again this is just something to pass the time for the next 2 days...


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    Re: Q:What is 17-21 and can change your future for years?

    I live in Cinci and watch a lot of Bungles games. It wouldn't surprise me if they go RB or TE early. The Bengals like to draft flashy players early, the type of guys that sell jerseys.

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