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    Re: Is the QB position the most important?

    Quote Originally Posted by RockinRam View Post
    I would take a good QB and Douzable at DT anyday over a bad QB and a good DT.

    Not every position in football has the same importance and value. That's like saying a FB is as vital as a CB.
    Based on the failings and foibles of our fullback-less offense in recent years, I'd suggest that a FB is indeed as vital as a CB.

    I'd also point out that if we're not upgrading key defensive positions, we need to rebuild the GSOT offense and secure a great QB (ie much better than Bradford), because otherwise God help us in actual play.

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    Re: Is the QB position the most important?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bralidore(RAMMODE) View Post
    Maui, when your trying to win a football game. You want the ball in the hands of a PEyton Manning, not a vince wilfork. You can afford to have a Leger Douzable playing DT, what you can't afford is having Ryan Leaf start for your football team. QB IS more important a position to have talent than Defensive Tackle, sorry. It IS a team sport and you need capable bodies at all position. But i don't see how you can say a Great QB isn't more valuable to a team given all his responsibilty than a DT, or using your logic, a Kicker. Every player contributes, but some contribute more than others. I want a right arm, but i can live without one, albeit it would suck. What i can't live without, is a brain.
    Why compare Manning to Douzable? That's apples and oranges. I wouldn't want Peyton lined up at DT in overtime when trying to stop an opposing team from scoring. Manning is going to the Hall of Fame, and any team would love to have him. That said, he can't do it by himself. He needs time and protection to show his stuff, without it, he gets rattled like any other QB.

    I believe every Ram fan knows we need a QB. We also need some guys on defense that can stop other teams from scoring at will, and a star DT would certainly help. I just find it hard to place one position on a pedestal over all others, particularly when our coaching staff is stressing that it's all about the team as a whole, and not individuals ..

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