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    Quarterbacks and the 2014 Draft

    It's entirely possible that the following teams could be looking for a QB this offseason...

    • Houston Texans: Schaub will be out and Keenam is not the answer.
    • Jacksonville Jaguars: Henne may be retained but only as a back-up; Gabbert is out.
    • Cleveland Browns: New regime and no viable QB.
    • Oakland Raiders: They may stick with Pryor but will likely explore other options.
    • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: New regime means you can't guarantee Glennon is the guy.
    • Minnesota Vikings: New regime and the best they have is Cassel at this point.
    • Tennessee Titans: I think they stick with Locker but if they fire their coach all bets are off.
    • Chicago Bears: They should retain either Cutler or McCown, but if it's McCown, they may draft for the future.
    • Arizona Cardinals: Palmer isn't going anywhere but they need someone to groom.
    • Cincinnati Bengals: Dalton remains inconsistent but is worth keeping unless a better option opens up

    The options on the free agent market are a little underwhelming. The best three passers appear to be Jay Cutler, Josh McCown, and Michael Vick. Matt Schaub could be released in Houston, and may entice a team to try him as a stop-gap starter.

    Expect the Bears to keep either Cutler or McCown. My gut thinks it'll be McCown; he'll be cheaper and will allow head coach Marc Trestman to spend a Day Two pick on a QB he can groom for a year.

    That means Cutler hits the market and becomes a starter for one of these teams. He'd be an option for Tennessee if they move on from Locker, since Cutler played college ball in the state. However, Locker boasted a QB rating in the mid-80s this season and looked to be making some progress. Is Tennessee really ready to part ways?

    Michael Vick could get some money to be a stop-gap starting option somewhere; his numbers this year weren't awful. But he's said he'd be willing to stay in Philly as a back-up, so we'll have to see how that goes.

    Besides those three and Schaub, I don't see many/any free agent veteran quarterbacks hitting the market that would affect the teams that may look to the draft to fill this need.

    Houston is in an interesting situation. This is a team that had 12 wins last season, so they have talent on their roster. They need to find a QB of the future because they don't have one now, but they also need a QB of the present because they're likely in a position to compete more than they showed this season if they had some better QB play. Could they be a team that drafts a QB but also looks at a stop-gap veteran to try and compete now, or will they start the rebuilding process by throwing a rookie passer into the mix and possibly trading away some talent to get future building blocks?

    Jacksonville needs to draft someone; Chad Henne isn't getting this fan base excited about anything, and the Blaine Gabbert era should have been over a year ago. Unless they make a strong play for the top free agent in Cutler, then they need to go hard after a signal caller in this class. If Houston doesn't take a QB at 1 or trades with a team wanting Clowney, would the Jags be willing to move up one spot with the Rams in order to secure the draft's best passer? They'll have to know the Rams will be shopping that pick even harder if all the QBs are still on the board.

    Cleveland will need a new passer in 2014, and rumor has it the Browns front office loves them some Johnny Manziel. It's unlikely - unlikely but not impossible - he's off the board by the time their first pick comes along. But is he worth a selection that high? I'm not convinced; in fact, I think this QB class compares an awful lot to the group we saw in 2011.

    In 2011, you had a legit top guy in Newton who had some questions but was clearly the best of the pack, and then three guys who probably were drafted higher than they should have been in Locker, Gabbert, and Ponder. In this class, you've got Bridgewater as the head of the pack, and three guys in Carr, Manziel, and Bortles whom I think are going to be drafted higher than they probably should. Have teams learned from the mistakes of 2011, or will they repeat them? Rams fans expecting a Griffin-sized trade package for that second overall pick this year may be disappointed if Bridgewater goes first; then again, maybe someone offers a big package for Clowney. He has the talent, but do teams trade the farm for guys with questionable effort/character?

    Let's not spend another thread beating that horse to death.

    Some are going to argue that Oakland could be content running with Terrelle Pryor going forward, but he lost twice as many games as he won and finished the year with a passer rating under 70. Matt McGloin put up some better individual numbers but didn't affect the win column more than once. Oakland is a team that I think could pass on a QB early due to talent at other need positions (DE, LB, WR) but is going to be watching carefully to see where they may be able to upgrade. If Dennis Allen returns, I don't know that he'll like to pin his job on Pryor improving.

    Tampa Bay has a guy in Glennon who was good enough, but you never know what a new head coach might do. Still, I doubt they're major players in the QB market this offseason.

    Minnesota could be on the lookout for a new passer; they've realized Ponder isn't the answer, Josh Freeman shouldn't be a factor in their future plans, and Cassel is the best thing they have right now. I could see them making a play on the third or fourth QB at their spot, or possibly making a move on whichever QB the Bears part ways with. Grabbing someone who spent time practicing against Chicago all year as a member of that squad could give the Vikings some valuable intelligence moving forward as well as an upgrade at the position.

    Tennessee, Arizona, and Cincinnati have quarterbacks that I think they should be fine with for 2014, but you can never quite count them out in terms of grabbing someone whom they feel could be an answer going forward. I think the Titans are more likely to make a play on Cutler than they are to draft a QB on Day One, but if there is value on Day Two I wouldn't rule it out. Same for the Cardinals and Bengals; I could see them making what they'll sell as a "value pick" on a QB on Day Two if one is there.

    What do you all think? Are there free agent or veteran QBs expected to be cut that I'm missing and could shake up the QB situation heading into the 2014 Draft? How do you think it plays out?

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    Re: Quarterbacks and the 2014 Draft

    Besides those three and Schaub, I don't see many/any free agent veteran quarterbacks hitting the market that would affect the teams that may look to the draft to fill this need.
    What about Kirk Cousins?

    The Skins wanted to showcase his skills in the last three games. He look good and bad. Lets just say he's not a QB that likes the rain. Not sure if the Skins will shop him or not, but they need a lot of draft picks. Thoughts.

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    Re: Quarterbacks and the 2014 Draft

    Interesting analsyis.

    Assume that (1) all of the teams you listed take a QB, (2) all the QBs (with the exception of Marcus Mariota) who might declare for the draft, do so; and (3) the draft order stays as is...

    Let's play, the "match game":

    Houston Texans: Teddy Bridgewater
    Jacksonville Jaguars: Blake Bortles
    Cleveland Browns: Johnny Manziel
    Oakland Raiders: Derek Carr
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Brett Hundley
    Minnesota Vikings: A.J. McCarron
    Tennessee Titans: Zach Mettenberger
    Chicago Bears: Jimmy Garoppolo
    Arizona Cardinals: A.J. McCarron
    Cincinnati Bengals: Taj Boyd

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    Re: Quarterbacks and the 2014 Draft

    Also I would expect Mark Sanchise to be available/released or some variation like trade bait. But you never know with them crazy Jetz. Rex's mind is a true mystery to me! But he sure knows defense pretty well, a family trait or gene probably...

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