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    npow81 Guest

    Re: Quinn v. Clausen

    I understand why Quinn was traded for a sixth rounder, he has not won and he has showed some weaknesses (really what are the Browns doing though?)

    I have been actually trying to make two comparisons, I realize I got there in a convoluted way.

    Quinn NOW v. Bradford/Clausen NOW

    Quinn THEN (when he was drafted) v. Bradford/Clausen NOW

    There are many ways you can look at this, I suppose it would also be necessary to compare Quinn NOW v. Bradford/Clausen in three years, but that like much of the other talk is a guess.

    On the first I just don't see that big a gap in talent to warrant five rounds or so difference in the actual compensation.

    On the second, I think that Bradford/Clausen are similar prospects to Quinn when he was drafted with a few in my mind the result might be the same, and we might be in the same position of Cleveland is now (and while I have not given up on Brady, if this is the case its far less of a gamble to give up a fifth or so then the 1st overall pick)

    However, I will admit that I'm not too down on Quinn after the whole Cleveland debacle, not high on Clausen, and just plain not sure/skeptical on Bradford.
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    Re: Quinn v. Clausen

    Quote Originally Posted by npow81 View Post
    I have been actually trying to make two comparisons, I realize I got there in a convoluted way.

    Quinn NOW v. Bradford/Clausen NOW

    Quinn THEN (when he was drafted) v. Bradford/Clausen NOW
    I think the second one is probably the only one that works. The first comparison - Quinn as a veteran vs. Bradford/Clausen as prospects - doesn't make much sense, especially since you said in a previous post that you weren't making the claim that Bradford/Clausen will fail because Quinn has. To me, the main reason you'd really compare a veteran to a rookie is to try and predict or give some insight into what that rookie might become. If that's not the goal, then I'm not sure what that comparison accomplishes.

    That leaves us with the second comparison, which is Quinn as a prospect compared to Bradford/Clausen as a prospect. And again, what we remember of Quinn as a prospect was that he was a possible Top Ten selection but slid into the bottom half of the first round. It seemed as if there was something about Quinn that NFL teams didn't like in terms of him being worth a high first round selection. I think Clausen might be in a similar situation, based upon something that Daniel Jeremiah from Move the Sticks said recently...

    I keep reading that Clausen is going to go in the top 10 but I've yet to hear any scout/coach/exec tell me they have him rated that high
    3:27 AM Mar 15th via TweetDeck
    In fact, Jeremiah - who used to work as a scout in the NFL - doesn't have Clausen in the first round of latest mock draft.

    But again, if the point of the topic isn't to try and project the potential success of these guys based on comparisons to Quinn, then I'm not sure what your goal is. Quinn as a prospect was viewed as a first rounder, like Bradford and Clausen are now. Quinn went to a pretty terrible team and was unable to turn it around. Perhaps that's the lesson to consider from Quinn's experiences since 2007.

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    npow81 Guest

    Re: Quinn v. Clausen

    My first comparison, in my babbling, I think does serve the purpose of what value we are spending NOW for the player that we are getting NOW, and I would much rather have Quinn sans a fifth rounder than Bradford/Clausen sans the #1 overall.

    Overall, I'm clearly confused about the directionwe should go with the QB position, as evidenced by my babbling that no one is understanding.
    I am not sold on Bradford/Clausen, but I'm grow weary of the discussion, I guess I'll just let the chips fall as they may...I think its time for the draft already--so nothing more need be said.

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