I had writen that some of the picks i make are for the benefit of some of , what you guy's would like to see happen . I went back and put up a draft that is all me , and what i want the rams to do , who i want them to pick , and the round that i feel this position should be addressed .

1ST . # 13 , ADAM CARRIKER - DE , NEB. : i feel this can and should be the pick, a needed position, and the right player for us.

2ND . # 52 , TURK MCBRIDE - DT , TENN. : big ,strong , space eater and excellant run stopper , under most radar , and most of you might not have him ranked anywhere near hear , i do , and i think he will be very good .

3RD . # 82 , RYAN McBEAN - DT , OKLA. ST. : SAY WHAT YOU WANT , we need tough strong front line help , and we need young talent to keep it , GLOVER is a great mentor , and part time player , KENNEDY , isn't the player we needed him to be , WROTEN may be a young piece of the puzzle , and SANDIGE , well we just don't know. these two DT will bring some much needed youth and strength to a falling line. and if jenkins comes , we will need a DT in a later round to make up for one of these picks .

4TH . #117 , LORENZO BOOKER - RB , FLA. ST. : the rams will need an influx of a true 3rd down back , MINOR might be the guy , but never was at MIAMI . awesome ST back , but not a playmaker . BOOKER is that player , a scatback runner , receiver , and a threat to go all the way . i have him at rd 4 #117 , for the fact that some small injury issues kept him from being the star that he could have been . i also think that he would be a great returner.

5TH . # 148 , ANTHONY WATERS - ILB , CLEMSON : i like him , i think we need him , and thats all you need to know.

6th . # 190 , MIKE WALKER - WR , CENT. FLA. : i really thought that early this year that a WR was a big need , and i wanted one at RD2 , then RD3 . but i have now come to the conclusion that it isn't a need . a returnman is , and BOOKER fills that for me . WALKER is brought in to try to move some 4-5-6 receivers off the roster. total depth pick , with high 1ST - 2ND round receiver coming next year.

7th . # 225 , TO MIAMI - for punter SANDERS. if miami matches offer , i pick. ..... MIKE OTTO - OT , PURDUE . : value in 7th , depth
pick, could surprize , ala SETTERSTROM.

7THs # 248 , DEON ANDERSON - FB , CONNECTICUT. big strong blocker , can run ,and catch the pass . HEDGECOCK is the only fb , after paul left for denver .

7THs # 249 , LEROY HARRIS - C/G , N.C.ST. I wanted a DT or DE for depth and competition here, ANTONIO JOHNSON, OR CHASE PITTMAN , but i feel that those should be addressed early, and i am not so sure that TERRELL is or will be the player that we once saw as being an up and coming star . so HARRIS is here for some depth , but at this pick , a O-LINEMAN , DE, or a sleeper CB would satisfy me .

Each year i go through 10 draft boards to try to find the right mix , and every year the rams blow my mind .so this is version III. and i will agree that you all disagree with me, but that is O.K. .