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    Rams actual draft board

    Hey all,

    I know everyone is wondering what we are doing with the 2nd overall pick... A lot of people I hear want Long, many want Long ... some want Dorsey and some want Gholston... so i figured I'd skip the suspense.

    I called up S. Linehan... no, no thats too obvious, Scott L., and asked him what the Rams were thinking about doing with the #2. Here was his response:

    "Well, we have put a lot of thought into it. We really like the guys we haev here now. But really what is working well for us is the BIG smoke screen we are throwing up. Most teams think we are looking at a Lineman... fools! Our team is not built around the line, its about TE's!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Heres the top of the draft board he gave me.

    1. Martin rucker
    2. Fred Davis
    3. Kellen Davis
    4. Dustin Keller
    5. All other TE's

    He finished with this remark...

    "The absolute best senario for us in this draft is if we can get two or more of these guys."

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    Re: Rams actual draft board

    And of course, he actually leaves out the best TE, Martellus Bennett.

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    Re: Rams actual draft board

    This is why i hate this board now, to many smarta$$ threads just wasting my time. I have a sense of humor but when I come here I see most of the threads on the first page are stupid meaningless posts of people just trying to be funny. and you failed you are extremely unfunny. You guys can all tell me I have a stick up my a$$ but this board has become a pure joke. Most of you are serious with your comments, but some of you are just idiots.

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