Teams look a couple years down the road and more when doing deals with free agents, to make sure cap hell doesn't cost them a star due to cap restraints. The Rams Kevin Demoff, son of a legendary agent, is one of the best at managing the cap in a way that doesn't crush the team at some point.

As I have said in previous posts, the Rams look to have perhaps $7 million in cap this off-season to re-sign OL Saffold amd Williams, Clemens, or any other added veteran FA.

Lets say they use all that ad retain those two. How will that effect that 2015 cap?

Figuring around the same, but just a bit more for the 2014 free agents retained, on the 2015 cap, and only a small increase for the 2014 draft picks their second year, the Rams would have 39 players under contract for 2015.

Those 39 will count about $119 million, with the cap expected to be $130 million or so.

NOT among those 39 is Robert Quinn, so you better pencil in $10 million or so in cap money for him under a new deal.

So already you are up against the cap.

However, Sam Bradfords $16.6 million number can be lowered on a new deal by then .

Also, Scott Wells $6.5 million will probably be cut loose, figuring some draft pick steps up by then to r eplace him, even if he survives this off-season.

Kendricks will also be UFA in 2015, so a decision will have to be made there if he doesn't re-sign early with a cap friendly deal early on.

The cap space they get from not having Wells will be needed to sign the 2015 draft class.

So clearly they can re-sign or tag Quinn if it comes to that, even without a new deal for Bradford, and probably can keep Kendricks too.

However, signing any top free agents just cannot happen without really ruining the plan

But that's fine, because most UFA are way overpaid, and don't make a big impact on winning.

The Rams are doing it with mostly home grown talent, and if some youngster in the next two drafts looks like a star , guys like Chris and Jake Long, with really big cap numbers in 2015, might be asked to restructure or they may be at risk job wise, if they are not still worthy of that money.

Laurinaitis has a deal that was great for the Rams. His cap number in 2015 DROPS to 44 million, so he will be a bargain then, when they need the cap most.

knowing they are not going t o be a free agent player for years, they are more likely to trade down to acquire more picks to fill not just starting holes, but key backup roles as well.

Building with all these extra picks is clearly working, and in the end the Rams , like the Blues and Cardinals, who use similar homegrown youth plans, are gonna be rewarded when these fuzzy cheeked babies start maturing together.

They won't just be another contender either, they will be a recognized force in the NFL.

I couldn't be more positive about the future here, and I am not by nature a slack jawed dribbler, as our beloved Dez used to call the more "optimistic" Rams fans.