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    Rams Draft Board (Top 20)

    Here is my current Rams Draft Board.

    I've gone 20 players deep, as the Rams will almost certainly have a choice of several of these players at pick 19 (probably half of them will still be on the board). Each player is given two scores one for their position, and one for their individual (perceived) talent and potential - as follows:

    Position Level of Need:
    5 - Immediate Need: Draft choice likely to be a starter as rookie.
    4 - Future Need: Draft choice will likely be starter w/in 3 years.
    3 - Depth Postion: Draft choice will provide depth at key position/may platoon with starter.
    2 - Luxury Position: Not a need position. Selection would be pure luxury.
    1 - Not Needed: No basis to select this position in first round.

    Player Rating:
    5 - Blue Chip Player: Regarded as "can't miss" prospect.
    4 - Clear First Rounder: Confident that player will succeed.
    3 - Marginal First Rounder: Needs to be in right system; possible second rounder.
    2 - First Round Reach: Flaw in game should keep out of first round.
    1 - Not a First Rounder: Should not be selected in first round.

    Where there was a tie between two players on the combined score, I simply ranked them according to my own belief as to which player would help the team more.

    Here's my current top 20:

    1. Alex Barron, OT, FSU (10.0; 5.0/5.0)

    2. Jammal Brown, OT, Oklahoma State (9.5; 5.0/4.5)

    3. Antrel Rolle, CB, Miami (8.5; 3.5/5.0)

    4. Derrick Johnson, OLB, Texas (8.5; 3.5/5.0)

    5. Shawne Merriman, OLB, Maryland (8.5; 3.5/5.0)

    6. Adam "Pac Man" Jones, CB, West Virginia (8.0; 3.5/4.5)

    7. Thomas Davis, FS, Georgia (8.0; 4.0/4.0)

    8. David Baas, OG, Michigan (8.0; 4.0/4.0)

    9. Khalif Barnes, OT, Wisconsin (8.0; 5.0/3.0)

    10. Darryl Blackstock, OLB, Virginia (7.5; 3.5/4.0)

    11. Heath Miller, TE, Virgina (7.5; 3.0/4.5)

    12. Carlos Rogers, CB, Auburn (7.5; 3.5/4.0)

    13. Erasmus James, DE, Wisconsin (7.5; 3.5/4.0)

    14. David Pollack, DE, Georgia (7.5; 3.5/4.0)

    15. DeMarcus Ware, OLB, TroyState (7.0; 3.5/3.5)

    16. Marcus Spears, DE, LSU (7.0; 3.5/3.5)

    17. Brodney Poole, FS, Oklahoma (7.0; 4.0/3.0)

    18. Odell Thurman, OLB, Georgia (6.5; 3.0/3.5)

    19. Channing Crowder, MLB, Florida (6.5; 3.0/3.5)

    20. Marlin Jackson, CB, Michigan (6.5; 3.5/3.0)
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    Re: Rams Draft Board (Top 20)

    This would be my list, based on your list.

    Couple of notes. I graded needs in the following order...

    -Tackle: 5.0. Our need at right tackle makes it the highest on the scale.
    -OLB: 4.5. Coakley will be solid for 2-3 seasons, but we could use a player to challenge for the other spot.
    -CB: 4.5. Butler and Fisher are marginal starters. Someone to challenge them would be a nice addition.
    -S: 4.5. Between Arch at FS and Pisa at SS, this group could use someone who is familiar with their position.
    -G: 4.0. Scott Tercero and Blaine Saipaia are solid but could use some competition.
    -DE/OLB: 4.0. Players who fall in the 'tweener category here have a need rating that's half between OLB and DE.
    -TE: 4.0. Manu can't stretch the field and his blocking isn't great.
    -DE: 3.5. Unless Little misses time because of court, I don't see this as a huge need.

    So then, here's my list.

    1. Derrick Johnson, OLB, Texas (9.5; 4.5/5.0)

    2. Alex Barron, T, Florida State (9.6; 5.0/4.6)

    3. Jammal Brown, T, Oklahoma (9.5; 5.0/4.5)

    4. Antrel Rolle, DB, Miami (9.1; 4.5/4.6)

    5. Adam "Pac Man" Jones, CB, West Virginia (8.9; 4.5/4.4)

    6. Thomas Davis, S, Georgia (8.7; 4.5/4.2)

    7. Carlos Rogers, CB, Auburn (8.5; 4.5/4.0)

    8. Heath Miller, TE, Virgina (8.3; 4.0/4.3)

    9. Shawne Merriman, DE/OLB, Maryland (8.0; 4.0/4.0)

    10. David Baas, OG, Michigan (7.8; 4.0/3.8)

    11. Channing Crowder, MLB, Florida (7.7; 3.5/4.2)

    12. Khalif Barnes, OT, Wisconsin (7.6; 5.0/2.6)

    13. Erasmus James, DE, Wisconsin (7.5; 3.5/4.0)

    14. Marcus Spears, DE, LSU (7.5; 3.5/4.0)

    15. Marlin Jackson, DB, Michigan (7.3; 4.0/3.3)

    16. Brodney Poole, S, Oklahoma (7.3; 4.5/2.8)

    17. Kevin Burnett, OLB, Tennessee (7.2; 4.5/2.7)

    18. David Pollack, DE, Georgia (7.0; 3.5/3.5)

    19. Elton Brown, G, Virginia (6.8; 4.0/2.8)

    20. Odell Thurman, MLB, Georgia (6.8; 3.5/3.3)
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    Re: Rams Draft Board (Top 20)

    I'll buy that. Either list would lead to a good first pick, in my opinion.

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    Top 3 CB and then OT's

    Assuming Pace is signed, and the Ram's comments on CB's scarcity. I think the Rams will draft one of the top three elite corners if available:

    A. Rolle
    P-m Jones
    C. Rogers

    and then go to the best of the bunch of OT's


    Of course they would take Derrick Johnson if available (but he won't be at 19), and I don't think they would take TE or S that high (Davis isn't a fit for FS, and the others would be a reach). I bet the above is their first round call.


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