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Thread: Rams Draft Position Possibilities after Week 14

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    Rams Draft Position Possibilities after Week 14

    Looking at who wins the ties as of now, and predicting final records based on remaining opponents, here we go.

    If Redskisn lose out against Atl, Dall NYG
    And Rams lose out to Az, N.O. TB Seattle
    and the rest goes as expected

    1. Houston 2-14
    2. RAMS (wash) 3-13
    3. Minnesota 3-12-1
    4. Oakland 4-12 .479
    5. Cleveland 4-12 .493
    6. Jacksonville 4-12 .542
    7. Atlanta 4-12 .556
    8. RAMS 5-11 .535
    9. Buffalo 5-11 .542
    10. Tampa Bay 5-11 .590
    11. Pittsburgh 6-10 .469
    12. NYG 6-10 .542
    13. Tennessee 7-9

    If the Rams beat Tampa Bay, and the Redskins beat Atlanta, the Rams would probably pick
    SIXTH and 12th

    Looking at it all, the Rams will have from the 3rd to 6th pick, and from the 8th to the 12th.

    The first is the most likely, so imagine picking 2and and 8th overall, or at least having those picks.

    Cleveland, who really needs a QB, has TWO #1 picks, their own and Indy's.

    Would they give two firsts, probably 5th and about 22nd, to move up just three spots to get the QB they want ahead of Minny or Oakland?

    And what would Atlanta give up to move from 7th to 2nd for Clowney?

    It's been a difficult season of growing pains for a VERY young team (They look like a college team coming out of the Dome after the game, ), but the collapse of the Redskins, plus their own high pick, certainly will make this an exciting off -season.

    You guys who love Sammy Watkins, what if you could get Jake Matthews AND Watkins in round one ?? WIth pick 2 and 8, that surely could happen, especially with Clowney and Barr surely going top 7, along with about three passers.

    I don't think THIS is the year to just acquire more picks, not unless someone goes nuts for that #2 pick to get Clowney or the top QB. If Cleveland or Atlanta come calling, I'd have to listen.

    Even if the Rams drop to 7th, they still get a top OT, maybe still Matthews, certainly Lewan, and Watkins seventh and eighth, and have at least a high second this year and probably next year's #1 from Atlanta in return.
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    Barry Waller

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    Re: Rams Draft Position Possibilities after Week 14

    I'd LOVE to get Mathews and Watkins or even Lewan and Watkins.
    Maybe even double dip O-line.

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    Re: Rams Draft Position Possibilities after Week 14

    I know that Atlanta still plays Houston, I'm wondering that if Houston were to win that game and the Redskins lose the remainder of they're games would the Rams end up with the 1st overall pick or would they still be behind Houston due to strength of schedule?

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