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    Rams facing hard decisions ...

    Rams facing hard decisions for NFL draft
    By Bryan Burwell
    Friday, Mar. 28 2008

    On the surface, the notion of drawing the second pick in the NFL draft sounds
    like one of those can't-miss, bulletproof positions any team would love to be
    in. But looks can be deceiving.

    As we draw within a month of the NFL's annual talent lottery, the unsettling
    draft history of the Rams makes you wonder if they'll turn an ideal situation
    into a blessing or a curse.

    In a draft that is supposedly deep in talent and top-heavy in star quality,
    theoretically you would think the Rams couldn't go wrong. Yet who knew being
    No. 2 could be so complicated? Until now, there has been a great debate about
    not only who will still be there, but also what position player (offensive
    line, defensive line, running back) makes the most sense. Add to that
    confusion, the intrigue provided by the Miami Dolphins' new team president Bill
    Parcells, who traditionally loves being wildly unpredictable and purposely
    secretive, and you have the sort of volatile mixture of uncertainty that makes
    you wonder just how many ways things could go wrong for the Rams.

    Fortunately, though, there's a new twist that could make the Rams' decision a
    lot less complicated than anyone could have expected. If LSU's brilliant
    defensive tackle, Glenn Dorsey, is as healthy as he looked in his Pro Day
    workout two days ago, Rams executives can stop wondering about what to do with
    the second pick. If Dorsey has a clean bill of heath and right now it appears
    that he does the 6-foot-1, 297-pound All-America may have elevated his status
    to the point where the Rams can't afford to pass him by.

    For all the bluffing that Parcells is bound to do over the next three weeks,
    the reality is, Dorsey does not fit the bulky profile of a 3-4 run-stuffer that
    Parcells traditionally prefers to anchor his interior line. So unless the
    Dolphins can trade the pick to a team that desperately craves Dorsey, Miami
    likely will go after Virginia's defensive end Chris Long. And then the guessing
    game begins for Rams fans, who have spent the entire winter fretting over what
    the "new" decision makers at Rams Park will do.

    First of all, let's eliminate the one thing they can't do.

    It has been said before, but it's worth repeating: It would be beyond idiotic
    to draft

    Darren McFadden unless they're certain he's the next coming of Jim Brown, Barry
    Sanders and Emmitt Smith all rolled into one. It would be a tremendous waste of
    a high pick to invest in a running back because they already have a young and
    frighteningly talented one in Steven Jackson, who just might be the second- or
    third-best yardage producer in football in this new Al Saunders offense.

    So that leaves the Rams with some difficult choices, and at this point in this
    franchise's history, these are choices they can't afford to blow. That

    No. 2 pick better be an immediate starter and the sort of player who quickly
    becomes a dominant star in the league. If the Rams believe offensive tackle
    Jake Long is the second-best player in the draft, then they should by all means
    take him regardless of how many offensive tackles they already have. If they're
    convinced he's that valuable, he can play guard for a few years until Orlando
    Pace retires. But from all indications, there's no way Jake Long would be rated
    higher than a healthy Dorsey on many NFL draft boards.

    And after Dorsey's impressive workout in Baton Rouge two days ago, if Dorsey
    isn't regarded as the Rams' best bet, it can only be because of bad medical
    evaluations on his healing knees or legs. After that Dorsey workout in front of
    a building full of NFL coaches, scouts and personnel executives, most of them
    left breathless, convinced Dorsey had returned to his place as the best athlete
    in the draft. More than one set of eyes who was at the Dorsey workout said
    privately that he looked like the kind of player who could become another young
    Warren Sapp.

    The new-look Rams front office under Billy Devaney's rule needs to come out of
    the box strong, but if you think drafting this high in the first round makes
    Devaney's job easier, guess again. There are no guarantees in the draft,
    particularly at that second pick. Over the past six drafts, the No. 2 position
    has provided a mix of hits (Julius Peppers, Calvin Johnson, Reggie Bush, Ronnie
    Brown) and colossal misses (Robert Gallery, Charles Rogers).

    Blessing or curse? One month to go until we find out.

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    Re: Rams facing hard decisions ...

    Quote Originally Posted by MauiRam View Post
    On the surface, the notion of drawing the second pick in the NFL draft sounds like one of those can't-miss, bulletproof positions any team would love to be in.
    I agree and have two words to back that up- Sam Bowie.

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    Re: Rams facing hard decisions ...

    Imagine the chaos that will ensue on this board if the Dolphins don't take Chris Long and we pass on him for Dorsey? That would be something to watch.

    I said this about two weeks ago, but I truly believe we are going to take Dorsey. I will be a very happy man come draft day if that occurs.

    It's not only how he worked out on Wednesday, which was impressive, but what makes scouts love him even more is his knowledge of the game and how humble he is. He is a very likeable person so in interviews teams had a chance to see just how much of a good person he is, along with the knowledge, intensity and nastiness he brings on the football field as well.
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    Re: Rams facing hard decisions ...

    It appears that we have to hope the Dolphins take Glen Dorsey so we won't be subjected to the endless post-draft "the Rams did it again". Regardless whom we select, the Robert Gallery stigma could always emerge.

    Go Rams!:r

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