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    ramsfan559 Guest

    As A Rams Fan

    I think they should draft michael crabtree.
    with this i think it would give us a reason to watch our
    09 rams. i dont want to see the rams draft another alex barron
    with our first round pick.if we do get an OT in the first round it is most likely our nfc west rivals the seahawks would get crabtree and that would really suck.Drafting Crabtree is the safeway to go. its also time we see what we got in john greco and roy shuening.

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    Spyederman Guest

    Re: As A Rams Fan

    Crabtree won't make a difference if we can't protect Bulger and give him time to throw the ball. The bigger holes we can open for Jackson gives him more room to run which in turn slows down the pass rush which translates into more time for Bulger to throw the ball. All that translates into an OL being the choice we should make. It's not sexy that's for sure but until we fix the problems we've had with the line the last couple of years the playoffs are a long, long way off.

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    Re: As A Rams Fan

    If and it's a big IF considering our cap numbers. If we fix the o-line in free agency then I'm all for drafting Crabtree. Although we better find a good LB and another good d-lineman somewhere in free agency and the draft as well. The most important thing is to be able to give Bulger time so we can score some freaking points. The o-line absolutely has to be fixed first. I think Spags will infuse new attitude into the defense which will help tremendously. If we ignore the interior o-line dont expect 5 wins next year.
    Aim high Willis, Aim High!

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    johnnyram Guest

    Re: As A Rams Fan

    I totally agree the o line needs to be addressed however i feel the team needs to clean house and make enough cap space to do it via free agency...we need to get proven players verses potential players more times than not you have a college stand out that doesn't cut it as an NFL player. If we can do that we can then focus on our defense with the first two rounds in the draft. In this past superbowl it wasn't Pitt's #1 d against the #1 offense. It was Pitt's average O against Arizona's average D...i.e if Arizona had some better than average D players they would have helped there offense and one the Super bowl. We have some key components in our o already some strong o line acquistions in the offseason thru free agency and then a monster in the middle of our d line and a solid mlb and maybe things could get back on track.

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