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Thread: Rams Latest Cap Situation Update

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    Rams Latest Cap Situation Update

    The situation has really changed for the Rams, with the cap expected to exceed $132 million. That's going to be a real boon for team looking to keep their own top guys, especially the teams that were in the middle, in cap space, as the Rams are.

    The Rams have $112 million or so in players under contract making over the minimum.

    That's 38 players.

    It does not include Dahl or Finnegan as being on the team, so they only have the dead money from Finnegan counting in that $112 million.

    Now, if the Rams cut Wells, it would save another $4.5 million, more than enough to add a replacement if Wells won't redo his deal. That amount would sign their draft picks, so the Rams can kind of hold that in reserve awhile to see what they end up with in the draft or as a free agent.

    So now the Rams have $20 million available for free agents and re-signings.

    If they extend Bradford, I highly doubt it would lower his cap number at all. Matt Ryan's newest deal hada $17.5 million first year hit.

    The cost of fully trained QBs is very high, so don't look for a Bradford deal to add a lot of cao room now.

    Now, with $20 million to spend, you can pay Rodger Saffold's marker value, which I would say can't be higher than a $5 to $6 million cap hit in year one on a five year deal.

    Now you are left with $14-15 million at least.

    If I were the Rams, I wouldn't spend any until I tried to get Robert Quinn locked up before he is a FA next year. No doubt the Rams would franchise him if he is as good as he was in 2013, but a long deal now would make sense, with this new cap space especially.

    Right now, Quinn is a one year star, and if they wait, he could blow up in cost if he leads the NFL in sacks.

    Elvis Dumerville got $35 million for five years last year. His first year cap hit was $3.3 million.

    DeMarcus Ware's deal had a $6.5 million first year hit.

    I would guess that Quinn's will be similar, maybe a tad less.

    SO now you have $7.5-$8.5 million remaining, and have your top defender locked up.

    I think you can find a good starting free safety that would only have a $2-3 million first year cap hit. I would re-sign Chris Williams and JoLonn Dunbar, a guy Gregg Williams knows wel, which should create about a $3-4 million cap hit total for the two in 2014.

    You also need Clemens back, and that's a million or two.

    So there you go, and if you can find a couple million somewhere, you also bring Finnegan back at a reasonable rate. He's made plenty of money, and may want to stay and prove something here, with Fisher.

    With two veteran guards now signed, Wells hopefully back at a lower rate, BOTH guards who can fill in at LT, or RT, and a free safety on board that can teach the young Rams secondary the way Aeneas Williams once did here, the Rams can take that OT first, to guarantee a great line, then take one of those top CB or WR at #13, and get a CB or WR in early round two, depending what you took in round one.

    I'm hoping they add one or even two more second rounders, which would give them the flexibility to maybe move back into round one with a third pick there.

    Then maybe you get your OT, your CB, and your WR, all with really great value and ability.

    You have almost all holes filled, so the rest of those picks you have left, perhaps NINE of them after the comp picks can be used to deal up, except for the comp picks, which can't be traded, to try to get the exact guy they want as a big need, like Stacy last year.

    I'm bringing in every fast safety, big CB, physical and athletic OLB, C/G and DT I can find the last day of the draft, hoping to hit big on a couple.

    That third rounder could also be a place where a QB would make sense.

    It all seems complicated, but it all makes sense, that the Rams could fill all their holes with really good players, briing in lots of talent to compete for backup roles, and get their top upcoming free agent DE, and their franchise QB signed long term.

    It's all as exciting as it's been for a Rams fan in quite awhile.
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    Barry Waller

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    Re: Rams Latest Cap Situation Update

    Your Right Barry it all made sense to me to be honest including dealing for more pics and trading back up in the later rounds for that special guy like we did last year with stacy and also so we don't have too many guys to sign. Well thought out imho...

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    Re: Rams Latest Cap Situation Update

    Good job Barry, and I agree that re-signing Saffold should be the Rams top priority this offseason. I'm curious to see if the Rams would have enough left over to be able to sign a premium Safety like Byrd or Ward.

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    Re: Rams Latest Cap Situation Update

    No matter how much the cap increases, Saffold is worth remains the same. If he wants LT $, the Rams should move on.

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    Re: Rams Latest Cap Situation Update

    We're going to see how much the Rams want Saffold signed with this new salary cap increase. While I agree not to overpay him, we may have to let him test the market to get a sense. My guess is Atlanta makes a move on him if they cannot go after Monroe or Albert as those are the top $ LT's on the market. Interestingly I learned that Atlanta now has Billy Devaney in their front office along with Scott Pioli. I mention this because it was Devaney who drafted Rodger back in 2010.

    All told good news about the salary cap for us, of course everyone gets this increase so the bidding wars may get heated. I agree about getting Quinn extended. We'll need to keep some powder dry for Sam next year assuming he has a good/great year in 2014. This will also release some pressure on money for draftees.

    Go Rams!
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    Re: Rams Latest Cap Situation Update

    NEED Clemens back? LOL, no, I don't rate Clemens as a need.

    Also, while I personally would like to see Finnegan take a hit or be cut, at this point in time the Rams are OK with taking the signing bonus hit and expect him to start the season on the team, per Fisher. We'll see if that includes a later contract rework, but it sure seems like the Rams are attributing Finnegan's horrible year last year to injury and expect him to play at a high level this year and be the team's veteran presence in the secondary.

    Also, I'm not sure you can assume a young guy with 19 sacks last year though is going to get a smaller contract than Ware, et al. Sounds like he's at least at that level.

    And we don't know if Saffold wants to resign with the Rams.

    So lots of moving parts here, and I think a couple of your assumptions are pretty optimistic.

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