1. Sam Bradford, QB - At the beginning of the process, I was definitely a Suh guy. I still think Suh may be the BPA. But the positional value difference and the glaring need for a QB puts Bradford over the top. His pro day just sealed the deal.

2. (33rd pick) Brian Price, DT - Thought to be a 1st round pick but his stock is slipping, which would be a good thing for the Rams after passing on the DT's at the top of the draft. Is a very tough kid that the Rams can put at the 3-technique next to Ryan. Playmaker with 23.5 TFL's and 7 sacks last year.

3. (65th pick) Joe McKnight, RB - I thought of going with Jahvid Best at #33, and I still think that would be a great pick. But if we pass on an RB in the 2nd, that need must be addressed quickly. McKnight is very versatile and could line up in the slot as well as serve as S-Jax's back-up.

4. (99th pick) Dekoda Watson, LB - May not fit Spags' mold as he might not be quite big enough, weighing 226 at his pro day. But, he ran a 4.4 at said pro day and can be the playmaking, weakside OLB

5. (132nd pick) Kyle Calloway, T - Rams need to draft a T to groom for the inevitable departure of Alex Barron after the 2010 season, preferably a RT type as Jason Smith slides over to LT. If Calloway is gone, go with Sam Young. Both have great size for the right side.

5. (155th pick) Tony Moeaki, TE - With Fells slated to start, Rams could definitely use some help for competition/depth. This draft is stocked with similar size/speed pass-catching types, I think Moeaki will be the sleeper to fall this far.

6. (170th pick) Danario Alexander, WR - At this point in the draft, it's worth the gamble on the injury proned, but talented WR that would give the Rams WR corps a different sized weapon.

7. Jeffrey Fitzgerald, DE

7. (2nd most irrelevant) Cody Grimm, SS

The Rams need to have a good draft this year. Obviously a team that has picked 2nd, 2nd, and 1st the last 3 years has a ton of holes that can't be filled with one draft. Based on this year, I'd expect the top targets in the 2011 draft will be WR, DE, and perhaps OLB and secondary.