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    Rams Mock Draft v1.0

    My Mock Draft

    Rd1-Jason Smith/Eugene Monroe(OT)................depends on lions
    Rd2-Ramses Barden (Wr)
    Rd3-Dorrel Scott (DT/NT)
    Rd4-Jasper Brinkley (MLB)
    Rd5-Tom Brandstater (QB)
    Rd6-Josh Mauga (LB)
    Rd7-Alex Boone (OT)

    Thoughts and Ideas
    -Ramses Barden Perfect Compliment to Donnie Avery
    -No Curry cause we need OT to protect next yrs first rd QB
    -Could take Ramses Barden at Rd3 and take better Dt at Rd2 depending where Ramses Barden Ranks
    -How Cool Would it Be to have a Ramses Barden Jersey
    -If we decide to trade down i believe eagles are the best trade partner..
    im going out on a limb by saying they are willing to trade both their first rounders which are #21 and #28 for our #2 to snag Mike Crabtree
    -it would benifit rams to have 3picks in top 35

    comment me on what you guys think..
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    jbell15 Guest

    Re: Rams Mock Draft v1.0

    Barden isn't a second round pick. Were not going to pull an avery reach again. He's a third round pick. Brinkley will likely be gone by the fourth, but if he falls to us i would be happy to take him even though he's probably just a two down run thumper. Devaney recently said that anyone with the slightest characrter cocerns will be immediately excluded from our draft board. So take "37 beers in one night" Boone from your mock.

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    Re: Rams Mock Draft v1.0

    Okay where do i start?

    1st round is okay but then you lose me.

    Yea Barden is 6-6 but in the 2nd we can take way better WRs then him like Hakeem Nicks, Kenny Britt (if g-men dont take him), Brian Robiskie

    IMO Scott is more of a 4th rounder and i think we are looking for a big 330 pound NT because we already have a 315 pound NT in Cliff Ryan

    Jasper Brinkley is okay but i think the Rams will look for a MLB with a better work ethic and someone that can become a team leader later in there career.

    I think clanram is overrated Tom Brandstater a bit. u guys know he is a project and will take about 3-4 years to develop and he will turn 25 (s-jax age) in the begging of the NFL year. We should target someone like Graham Harrel (good decision maker that is important in the WCO) in the 6th, or Stepen Mcgee in the 4th or 5th.

    Mauga i dont understand why we would take 2 MLBs in the draft when we need SLB help too.

    Devaney said that they are not going to take risks on bad character players (like our old regime did) so Alex Boone is out of the equation.

    How would a Ramses Barden Jersey be great? Barden is not a Micheal Crabtree type of reciever who will draw plenty of fans and marketing situations.

    WHy would the Eagles trade up to #2. They have 2 legit needs at RB and OT. So they can get Oher and Beanie in the draft and i dont they would pass that up to take an injured Crabtree who wont be able to bond with McNabb before the draft.

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