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    RamsFan16 Guest

    Rams Mock, No trades

    Round 1. Jamaal Anderson, Defensive End, Arkansas

    Round 2. DeMarcus "Tank" Tyler, Defensive Tackle, North Carolina State

    Round 3. Aundrae Allison, Wide Receiver, East Carolina

    Round 4. C.J. Gaddis, Cornerback, Clemson

    Round 5. Dusty Fry, Center, Clemson

    Round 6. Nate Harris, Linebacker, Louisville

    Round 7. Ramonce Taylor, Running Back, Texas College

    Round 7. Deon Anderson, Fullback, Connecticut

    Round 7. Walter Thomas, Defensive Tackle, NW Mississippi CC

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    Re: Rams Mock, No trades

    I think Petrino and the Falcons will pounce on whatever Louisville players they can. Amobi at 7?

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    chipperjones Guest

    Re: Rams Mock, No trades

    I like it. I think it is realistic.

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    Re: Rams Mock, No trades

    I actually really like this one. The only problems I have with it are Aundrae Allison in round 3 and Walter Thomas round 7. To start with Allison, I don't think that we should be targeting a WR so early in the draft. I think that we have a good receiving core, that could use some upgrades but not until day two. As for Thomas, I don't think that he'll fall that late to us. I think that other teams will be interested in him as well, due to his size and speed and strength.

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    Re: Rams Mock, No trades

    Ramsfan16, you really got me on this one. Are you watching game film of guys from Northwest Mississippi Community College? What is the team nickname? I wonder if anyone has ever been drafted from that school

    Walter Thomas, i will have to trust you on that one. Thats a "Charley Special" if ever there was one.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    RamsFan16 Guest

    Re: Rams Mock, No trades

    Nope, haven't seen alot of film if any on any of these players but read the scouting reports.

    Walter Thomas though is 6'5" 370lbs.
    Thomas weighed 6' 5" 370 pounds at the Texas vs. Nation All-Star game, and can reportedly run in 4.8-4.9 range. He was heavily recruited, but left Oklahoma State early in his college career. Thomas Played in only two games this year for his tiny Community College, but completely and utterly dominated those games with 16 tackles, 9 tackles for loss and 4 sacks.
    Notes on him from Texas vs The Nation Game:
    - Walter Thomas (DT - NW Mississippi CC) also had his daily share of astounding plays, absolutely destroying Jonathan Palmer (OL-Auburn) on one confrontation - Palmer has been one of the most outstanding OL all week.

    - Walter Thomas (NW Mississippi JC) still stood out when he did everything right. I interviewed Walter - he's a very shy kid who probably has no idea how much buzz he is creating.

    - Walter Thomas, DT, NW Mississippi CC - Unstoppable when he got a good push, showed a good spin move (!) and was astoundingly nimble for a guy his size (think Gabe Watson at his best during Senior Bowl practices last year - dancing bear). Seemed to tire, and then get second wind. Didn't excel on every play but was dominant when he did. Got lots of individual coaching and encouragement. Talk of the scouts in the stands. Jags practically drooling on him

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    Drew Guest

    Re: Rams Mock, No trades

    i would prefer a LB to be drafted in round 3 over a WR!
    i dont believe we have 3 7th round picks anymore !
    i would have liked to have seen more attention given to our O-line!
    altho i think its unlikely we get tank tyler in the 2nd from where we pick i would be cock-a-hoop if we did!
    would love to get walter thomas onboard for a late pick just to see what he can do at the next level but i think a lot of teams are probably thinking that right now!

    altho it might not seem that way i do actually like this mock,just maybe a pick or two out from perfection!


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