Like others, I don't like Pouncey at 14, though if he's just as good as his brother, in five years, the value certainly will be there. The problem though is just that there are other needs that are much less easy to fill and are more deserving of the #14 pick in my opinion. Such as pass rusher, wide receiver, and cornerback(Murphy hopefully converts to FS). I say pass rusher, because I would much rather take Liuget over Pouncey, even though he's an interior player as well.

At the end of the day, I don't like your second draft at all, really, because it focuses on offense early and then wraps up with a bunch of developmental defenders. The Rams are still a team with a lot of holes, a big one on offense(receiving playmaker), but a lot of medium sized ones on defense(DE, DT, OLB x2, FS, SS) before smaller ones on offense(RB, RG).

Personally, with the way that I see the draft is settling early, I would want to go defense in two of the top three rounds and then just go BPA the rest of the way. In the first, it's lining up for us to get an impact DT or DE, though if Jones or Green drops somehow, we grab him... at #14.

In the second round, I think that we'll have our choice of WR's, hopefully between Hankerson, Smith, and Baldwin. Based on measureables, I go with Baldwin, but his rumored work ethic and diva attitude makes me hesitant and want to go with the hard working Hank or Smith.

In the third, I think we should go with the best back seven player on the board. Unfortunately, we need upgrades to both OLB and Safety positions and neither are strong in this draft. We can probably fill one of each through free agency or current roster, but just what position is the question. Only Spags probably knows that answer. So, in round three, we go BDPA, though I'm not opposed to a very good OG or even RB that drops into our laps there either.