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    Thumbs up Rams Should Trade Down

    :bash:Miami takes Chris Long DE . # 1 or Vernon Gloston
    Rams trade #2 pick to K.C. for #5 pick , 2nd Rd #5 & possible 3rd ,4th , 5th Whatever . K.C. would probally take Jake Long.
    At #5 Rams trade down to Saints at #10 Pick up extra 2nd and another conditional pick.

    Rams take Derrick Harvey DE. The perfect 4-3 DE & 2 extra 2nd round picks.
    RD 2 #33 Lawrence Jackson DE
    RD 2 #35 Limas Sweed WR from K.C.
    RD 2 #40 Trevor Laws DT From Saints
    RD 3 #65 Jordy Nelson WR
    RD 4 #101 Ezra Butler LB
    RD 5 #136 King Dunlap OT from K.C.
    RD 5 #137 Breno Giacomini OT
    RD 5 #146 William Franklin WR From Saints
    RD 6 #168 Darnell Terrell CB
    RD 6 #180 Vincent Redd OLB/DE
    RD 7 #217 Kevin O'Connell QB
    RD 7 #252 Pierre Garcon WR

    Could that turn Rams around . Plus the other conditional picks.
    What do you think !
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    Re: Rams Trade Down

    I dont like the idea of trading down that far, especially with Jake Long, Glenn Dorsey and one of Chris Long or Gholston on the board

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    Re: Rams Trade Down

    I don't like this much at all. Firstly, two trades on one pick are highly unlikely, and the value we find with the extra picks isn't great.

    It's nearly impossible to trade up into the top three unless you're there already without giving up a fortune, so we may be a bit underdone in the KC trade, especially for the type of prospect we'd be giving up in Jake Long.

    With all the players available to us, we fail to adress the offensive line, we grab a small-time prospect in Nelson, who looks to me, at best, like a mid third rounder, and a defensive tackle when there's not a need there at all?

    There could be much better combinations. Duane Brown, Limas Sweed and Dan Conner would be much better. Tyrell Johnson and James Hardy would be other suggestions with such high choices in the second.

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    Re: Rams Trade Down

    NO thanks. If we are going to trade our #2 pick we have to stay in the top 5 picks at least. Just one mans opinion.

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    Re: Rams Trade Down

    I hope we don't trade down. I like our chooses at number 2.

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    keith m. klink Guest

    Re: Rams Trade Down

    I hate when THIS stuff starts . it's getting old , fast !. why don't we just trade our pick to the PATRIOTS for RICHARD SEYMORE and they can throw in RANDY MOSS to make up the points. that would take care of 2 pressing needs .

    Now i'll be waiting for some einstein to come back with " The PATRIOTS would never make the trade , what are you crazy both SEYMORE and MOSS are 1st rounders . YOU would have to throw in a player like HOLT .

    I'm being criticle because this kinda banter has been done to death and what we should be focused on is players after the first 2 rounds that could actually make a differance , like the info on BAM BAM VARNER / SAFETY. this gives us an avenue to start a search for another player the RAMS could think about . FOCKER OOUUUTT !

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    Re: Rams Should Trade Down

    Well, the trade scenario isn't that far-fetched (although still not terribly likely). However, those are probably not the players I'd take. If you take Harvey in the first round, you don't necessarily have to take Jackson in the second. If you take Sweed, you don't have to take Jordy Nelson, especially if you expect Will Franklin to be there in the fifth. Certainly you could, but why not take a safety or an offensive tackle in the second to third rounds? With all those picks, why wait until the seventh round for a quarterback?

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