Teams now have the ability to sign undrafted free agents and teams are going wild. The Rams have been heavily linked to running back Derrick Locke from Kentucky. Every Rams fan is in favour of the move because he brings a lot of talent to this team and is part of a solution to our change of pace back option.

The Rams officially made their first signing with James Dockery Cornerback from Oregon State. He is a big Spags type corner at 6'1 176lbs. He is the typical Spags type corner because he drafts bigger guys to play man to man and this kid can get his hands on receivers. There is much competition in the secondary, which is a plus.

The Rams go out and grab another camp body at Cornerback. This time they nabbed Dionte Dinkins from Fort Valley State. Ironically enough, Dinkins is 6'1 196lbs and is another Spags type of corner. There is a pattern going on (Fletcher, Murphy, Bartell and all these UDFA's are similar in size). This increases the amount of competition in the secondary.

Quarterback Taylor Potts from Texas Tech was also brought in. I think he and Thaddeus Lewis will have to battle for the #2 or #3 spot. Potts has a nice build at 6'5 and could develop into something nice. Though he will get 0 playing time other than maybe the pre season if he makes it that far. Sam Bradford has this #1 spot locked down.

Obviously the Rams decided to get some competition going at offensive guard with Bryant Browning from Ohio State. He is a pretty good run blocker though not much is said about his pass blocking. He is obviously raw and will have trouble at first. He may just be a camp body but there is a huge hole at offensive guard, so if this kid can make himself known he may make the team.

The last grabbing of the night went to Arthur Thomas a defensive tackle out of Pine Buff. He has the opportunity to make this team because we are weak at defensive tackle right now. Not much is known about him besides the fact that he is 6'3 and 308 lbs. Thats decent size and hopefully he can shine.

I will continue to write about every undrafted free agent the Rams sign. A lot will be happening today so check my blog often!