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    RamsFan16's midseason Mock offseason

    I figured it's midseason, making it the right time for a midseason mock, right? Let's begin!


    - DT Clifton Ryan:
    The dude is starting to become a very good player, for those who watch all the games, you know exactly what I'm talking about. The last 3 weeks he's really clicked. He's in the backfield making plays, and he's plugging up gaps and getting penetration on running plays. He's even showed a few times the ability to rush the passer, with another solid Defensive Lineman, his skills would be nationally known. He's still young and hasn't entered his prime, he's just beginning to touch is potential. He's a cornerstone to our future.

    - CB Jonathan Wade:
    He's a solid Nickelback for us, he's been doing solid this season, nothing spectacular but he's got the size and speed to hang with the faster slot receivers. He again hasn't hit his potential yet and is entering his prime, which should set up for a nice turue with us.

    - S Craig Dahl:
    Craig has been very good for us since joining the Rams. He's arguably been our best performer at safety. Last week really showed us what he can do when early in the game against the Colts, Dahl blew up a toss play in the backfield for a loss of yards, making a great open field tackle. He hasn't been a liability in coverage either, he's not going to be expensive which is a big positive.

    - LB Larry Grant
    He's been solid, he's young and has been decent for us, he'll come cheap and could potentially start at SLB for us.

    - T Alex Barron
    As badly as some of us want him to leave, he hasn't been bad this year, and he hasn't been great. He's not going to demand a lot of money and can provide good depth and potential starting ability again next year. He needs a strong finish to get a decent contract. He's young as well.

    - Richie Incognito
    He's a decent player, and knows the system. He's showed flashes of Pro Bowl talent but has been inconsistent. He's young and could provide starter/depth ability.

    A hard decision, but let OJ Atogwe test the market, he's been a turnover machine the past 2 seasons, but this season he isn't getting them. When he gets turnovers he's good, but when he doesn't, he's bad. He continues to be out of position, take poor angles and miss a lot of tackles while trying to punch the ball out. Someone will probably overpay for him, and I don't want it to be us. He's going to be 30 next year as well.

    RB Kenneth Darby
    TE Randy McMichael
    OG Jacob Bell
    WR Tim Carter
    WR Ruvell Martin
    S David Roach

    Free Agency
    DE Aaron Kampman
    - Most likely wont' be resigning in Green Bay, he's a very good DE in the 4-3 scheme. He can provide some nice help in the Pass Rushing game for us, he's currently in the 3-4 scheme which is not him. A move back to the 4-3 and his ability to play either RE or LE in the 4-3 makes it a very good option for St. Louis.

    WR Lance Moore
    - He's a very good receiver, he showed last season that he has "it". He's a option, he runs good routes, has excellent speed and hands, and is just a straight up playmaker. Something that we need. Laurant Robinson showed before his injury that he can be a good option for us at #1. Robinson has the size and the speed to be a legit #1. Moore can provide that deep threat and playmaking with Avery, Burton and a potential Brandon Gibson.

    DT Barry Coefield
    - Can provide some good depth for us, he's got the ability to be a good situation pass rusher. He did very well for Spagnuolo and hasn't been the same since he left.

    LB Derrick Johnson
    - He did very good under Dick Vermiel and his scheme and still did good with Shermon Edwards the past few seasons. The Chiefs are transitioning into a 3-4 defense which doesn't suit his talents. He's a SLB in a 4-3, and the Rams are in need of a good SLB. Johnson is only 26 years old and has a lot of potential, he'd be a great fit in Spagnuolo's scheme.

    CB Marlin Jackson
    - Would provide a nice talent for our CB situation. He's got some nice size as well as nice speed and coverage. He won't make a lot of picks but he gets a nice amount of Passes defensed.

    RT Jeromey Clary
    - He's been the man at the RT spot in San Diego for 3 years now, he's a bright young player and would anchor down the RT position while Jason Smith ( the future at LT ) mans his own natural position. He could help provide a bright future for our Offensive Line.


    2010 NFL Draft

    1. With the 5th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft ( yeah I know ) the St. Louis Rams select, Quarterback, Jake Locker, Washington
    - Jake Locker possessed incredible athleticism, arm strength, toughness. He's got a cannon for an arm, the ability to scramble out of the pocket for long runs, and he possessed the accuracy and ability to throw on the run. He's got great size to go with it. This season his accuracy just keeps increasing too, something that's been knocked against him. Easily my favorite QB in the draft.

    2. With the 37 pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the St. Louis Rams select DT Jared Odrick, Penn State
    - Odrick possesses the ability to rush the passer and also stop the run. This season he has 5 sacks so far, and has a 6'5" 306 pounds. He's a player that would do exceptionally well in a Steve Spagnuolo scheme, especially being paired with a young Clifton Ryan.

    3. Justin Woodall, S, Alabama
    - Hard hitting plalymaker that could come in and fill in for Atogwe in the future.

    4. Blair White, WR, Michigan State
    - He's been putting on a great showing this season so far. A former walk on at Michigan State and has turned into a baller. Reminds me a lot of the Kevin Curtis that played in St. Louis. He's a great guy and a real good player and just finds ways to get open.

    5A) A.J. Edds, WLB, Iowa
    - Has a sure tackle, hard hitting style. He's been real good in coverage and has played WLB for us. He's good at blitzing and especially good at dropping in coverage.

    5B) Alex Carrington, DE, Arkansas State
    - In 2008 he finished with 10 sacks, showing a great ability to rush the passer, in 2009, he only has 2 sacks, he has the potential and the ability. He's been inconsistent.

    6) Alfonso Smith, RB, Kentucky
    - Has shown the ability to have breakaway playmaking ability, he could challenge Gado for the #2 RB spot.

    7) Brian Jackson, CB, Oklahoma
    - Nice size and decent ability.

    Depth Chart


    QB Jake Locker
    RB Steven Jackson
    FB Mike Karney

    TE Daniel Fells

    LT Jason Smith
    LG John Greco
    C Jason Brown
    RG Richie Incognito
    RT Jeromey Clary

    WR Laurant Robinson
    WR Donnie Avery
    WR Lance Moore


    LE Chris Long ( A move back to his natural and best position will do him WONDERS. )
    DT Clifton Ryan
    DT Jared Odrick
    RE Aaron Kampman

    WLB AJ Edds
    MLB James Laurinatis
    SLB Derrick Johnson

    CB Marlin Jackson
    FS Justin Woodell
    SS James Butler
    CB Ron Bartell

    P Donnie Jones
    K Josh Brown

    PR Danny Amendola
    KR Danny Amendola

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    Re: RamsFan16's midseason Mock offseason

    I like resigning ryan and picking lance moore and kampman in Fa but would rather take Suh in the first round. Long, Ryan, Suh, Kampman. That would be a really good Dline

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    Re: RamsFan16's midseason Mock offseason

    not bad RF16.

    A couple of things ...

    id keep Atogwe (tho could live with us deciding to not over pay for him)..
    let Barron walk..(we got Smith to play LT and chances are some team will overpay for Barron because of him playing at such a key position..)
    Bell & not sure at this point which should walk and which should stay they both seem pretty improved this year.
    the TE position needs an upgrade IMO..Fells isnt bad in flashes but too inconsistent at this point to be given the full time starters job in the future.
    i like Blair White (as i do Jordan Shipley) but if we gonna get someone like Moore in F.A. then i think drafting another wideout would be a case of putting too much into one position when we have other needs to fill..signing White & Moore would leave us with Moore,Robinson,Avery,Burton,Gibson,White,Amendola thats 7 and thats not counting if Martin shows something when he gets healthy enough to play..
    id rather see us draft a TE where we would only have Fells & Bejema otherwise.

    with the last few picks in the draft im always a fan of drafting linemen with those picks because of the higher success rate of linemen over skill positions..and think we got enough youngsters at CB but B.P.A is fine with me in the 7th round.

    overall the majority of the F.A. signings and Draft picks i like..and wouldnt grumble too much if that was how it pans out for us...biggest concern being the lack of a TE addition.

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    Re: RamsFan16's midseason Mock offseason

    The thing about re-signing Barron is, he won't want to be a backup, and we almost certainly can't pay him to sit on the bench because he'll draw starters money to stay in St. Louis. The question then becomes, do you move him back to RT where he has struggled in the past, or do you keep Smith at RT when he was brought in to be our franchise LT of the future? Smith is already making starting LT money and the more he spends on the right side, the longer of a transition it will be to move back to the left. For those reasons I think we let Barron go at the end of the year.

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    Re: RamsFan16's midseason Mock offseason

    Also, bringing in Kampman, Johnson, Moore AND Jackson would be one hell of a free agency. Realistically, I don't see that happening, but it's certainly nice to think about.

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    Re: RamsFan16's midseason Mock offseason

    Woodall is more of SS. Some complain about OJ's coverage(you shouldn't!!! you know who you are) right now imagine having to SS's.I don't get retaining Barron and also getting Clarey, IMO we aren't going to be spending money freely like that. I also dont get adding cofield and then getting Odrick. They both play the same position. Adding Cofield and Kampman will be tough on a terrible team, we have cap space but we are going to have to overpay to get top flight players like those 2 and I doubt we are going to do that with new owenership on the way in the future. Along with the others guys you added in FA I don't think we will be shelling out the dough like that. Can't say it wouldn't be nice though.

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    Re: RamsFan16's midseason Mock offseason

    I dont see the point of drafting a RB in the 6th round cuz we drafted Ogbonnya in the 7th last year. And his role will probably be 3rd or 4th RB and ogobaonnya can fill that role

    Also why would lance moore come to the rams when we have QB issues?

    I like the kampman thing but consider his age of 29 and he will be 30 next month. We are not going to be contending for the superbowl next year so when we actually re-build a team in like 2-3 years kampman will be 32-33 and his decline will likely come if he comes to the rams. Cuz he wont have the phat williams next to him. So i think that will be a waste.

    But where is barron in your depth chart? If we re-sign him he will start.

    O yea where are we going to get all that money for Moore, Kampman, and Clay?

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    Re: RamsFan16's midseason Mock offseason

    Although I dont' agree with Locker and some minor points here and there, this is the best, most organized, thought out projection of the Rams off-season to date.

    It is a great template to use and can make sense for determining the teams needs and depth throughout our players.

    Thank you for sharing, I will try to figure out out to give you a rep point for that..

    r tree

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    Re: RamsFan16's midseason Mock offseason

    Pretty Good. I think I would rather have Suh than Locker but I would still be happy with Locker and Odrick. I think your best pick ups are the free agents. If we would pick those guys up I could see us playing well next year. And you never know with how weak our division is we could win it.

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