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    RamsSB99 - Rams Mock Draft v1.0

    My first two round picks are wild cards on if they will be available at our pick. Since there is a chance they could be there I picked them because they are who I liked best.

    Mock Draft:
    1. Julio Jones WR 6’3 220 4.35 40 - Our offense needs to start putting points on the board and we need a #1 WR. Jones was productive and is a hard worker with the size and speed desired in a WR. He is also considered a good blocking WR in the running game.

    2. Stephen Paea DT 6’1 305 4.95 40 - Set combine record with 49 reps of 225. Very strong with a good motor some scout are high on him some are not. He will give max effort but is not as tall as some DT's. Could be a good replacement for Gibson.

    3. Shane Vereen RB 5’10 205 4.5 40 - 29 TDs in 38 college games averaged near 100 yards per game last year. Very productive and was among their leaders in receptions as well. Peformed good without the help of a good passing game. Could help relieve the burden on Jackson and provide a change of pace back.

    4. K.J. Wright OLB 6’4 250 4.7 40 - Good size and speed. Would likely challenge for a LB position.

    5. Deunta Williams FS 6’2 215 4.55 40 - If Injuries check out else go with Richard Sherman FS 6’3 195 4.55 40 - Either would be good ball hawking FS's with size.

    6. Andrew Jackson G 6’5 300 5.3 40 - Need to add competition for the G position.

    7. Darius Morris G 6’4 318 5.3 40 - Played RT last year and could be a sleeper pick. Could be a backup at G or OT while trying to earn a starting spot at G.

    Possible need positions not drafted:

    WLB - Sign via free agency

    DE - Squeeze one more year out of Hall and see how Sims and Selvie do in their second year. Address next year.

    We could still use upgrades and backups at several positions via free agency but those were the main ones in my opinion that did not get a player drafted.
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    Re: RamsSB99 - Rams Mock Draft v1.0

    If it worked out like this, I'd be pretty happy. I do prefer some other RB's over Vereen but he would still be good back there. Love the Williams, Paea, and Jones picks. Not sure we will get any at the place you put them in, but there is a possibility.

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    Re: RamsSB99 - Rams Mock Draft v1.0

    Another reason why I really hope we can land Jones, is because there's a great possibility that a 1st round d-line talent will fall to us in the second, and I like the Paea pick there.

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    Re: RamsSB99 - Rams Mock Draft v1.0

    Love it, I could do without Vereen, but love the rest

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