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    Re: Ranbos Mock 7 rounds 4/6/07

    i don't think any one of the first three are there. i believe okoye is gone before #13 , moses will be gone in the DE rush in 2nd round, and won't last until #52 , and durant , i think will be 2nd rd late pickup. and , you have us taking 3-DT's , and no RB's, which is a bit of a need right now , in my opinion.
    As far as the first three pics they maybe gone we will see. DT is a hugh need. Rams signed RB Travis Minor "Expected to compete for one of the running back spots behind starter Steven Jackson. Minor is a change-of-pace type back who could be a nice complement to Jackson off the bench". I guess I would take another DT over a third sting RB at this time.

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    Re: Ranbos Mock 7 rounds 4/6/07

    oops , but not taking a RB , might be a little boo-boo, ya know , i really don't think it is half bad , if it worked out that way . i'm sure some undrafted FA rb's and maybe some veteran brought in could fix that . not bad.

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