Random Thoughts: Rumors vs Facts
Posted by thehuddlereport.com on April 17, 2008

by Drew Boylhart

Vernon Gholston takes downs off - This has to be one of the most ridicules rumors started by a “Scout” that I have ever heard. When there is a report that starts with “some scouts are saying” that means it’s a planted story. It might have some half truths to entice you into thinking it has some meaning but the true meaning of the leak is to manipulate the person reporting the story. Vernon this year had 15 tackles for losses and 14 sacks. That is a total of 29 plays behind the line of scrimmage. A blind scout touching the TV screen could feel the intensity of this kids play on the field! I think the people repeating this rumor are eating way too much road kill!

Chris Long is a tweener - Again one of the most ridicules reports to come to my ears in years. Chris Long is a strong side DE in a 4/3 defense and will be a good one. A tweener does not have a true position. Again a report started by a “scout” to manipulate the announcer who is reporting it.

Jonathan Stewart is rising on team’s draft boards - Jonathan never dropped. His surgery was recommended by all the teams interested in drafting him after he ran a 4.45 sp at the combine. He has always been rated as a top fifteen pick in the draft.

Jake Long might not be a true LT - Why would this be considered a reason not to draft Jake in the top five or as the first pick in the draft? I think being able to use Jake as a LT, RT or LG is a positive not a negative. In most systems he will be an excellent LT. In a spread offense he will struggle as a LT. I don’t see a spread offense until the Patriots pick in this draft and I bet if he drops to them they would lay a big fat kiss on the lips of Eric Mangini and draft him.

Matt Ryan is not a franchise QB - At least everybody reporting on the draft has been consistent with this false rumor. The truth is that if Matt were not a franchise QB then teams in the top ten like Miami, Chiefs, Jets, Ravens would not be interested in him. Not one of those teams has officially ruled out drafting Matt! QB’s are rated on need and then talent. Boston College would not have taken a sniff of a bowl game if it weren’t for Matt Ryan.

Darren McFadden is not that good a RB - He is long legged and long legged RB’s do not run that same way that regular sized RB’s run. They do not run through tackles. They run by them. They make their cuts a yard earlier than a regular RB because their long stride takes them into a tackler faster so they cut early and go bye the tackler with a powerful stride and speed. Darren McFadden reminds me of what I remember of Gayle Sayers and OJ Simpson. That is the style of back that he is and that is his potential. He is not the same style of runner that Adrian Peterson is. I just wish the “experts” on TV would stop trying to compare the two players. These two players have completely different styles of running. Right now there is no back in the NFL that runs with the same style that Darren runs with.

Notice that Glen Dorsey isn't mentioned? That's cause the guy is so GREAT!!! that no one would dare to say anything derogatory concerning him ..