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    Re: Randy K: Dorsey was never going to be the pick

    Quote Originally Posted by txramsfan View Post
    Some of you guys make me shake my head and realize that you probably don't watch alot of college football. If you did, you would realize that there were more holes on this team than just DE and that Dorsey was the best DT to come out of college THIS DECADE.

    Again, if Randy K is right we should fire everyone in the front office because to only evaluate Dorsey as a smokescreen tells me that they have no earthly idea how to evaluate talent.
    This is kind of all over the place.

    I don't see what watching college football has to do with realizing what needs our team has - don't you mean watching NFL? College football of course has everything to do with evaluating the prospects, but that's something else.

    Anyway I just don't see DT as a huge need right now when we got 2 pretty good DT's only last year in the draft, DE was as much a need as any position can be in my opinion - we were absolutely desperate for a DE.

    That they used Dorsey as a smokescreen doesn't mean that they "evaluated him as a smokescreen" (whatever that means) it only means that he wasn't the #1 player that we wanted (he could have, and perhaps was the #2 player after Long that we would have picked).

    I'm not saying at any point that Dorsey wasn't a great prospect (I believe that he was/is). I just agree with the FO that Long was a better prospect overall, also taking into account his position as well as his skills - therefore it seemed like a win-win situation to use Dorsey as a smokescreen. Actually the fact that we used Dorsey as a smokescreen tells you we thought that he was a damn good player coveted by the other teams below us - otherwise it would make no sense.

    Summing it up, I think Dorsey is a great prospect, the FO thought so too, we tried getting some free picks, failed then took our guy. Makes sense to me.

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    Re: Randy K: Dorsey was never going to be the pick

    Exactly Denmark, what I was thinking down to the word. Tx, I'm absolutely certain that we didn't just scout Dorsey "as a smokescreen". And yes, he has the potential to be a perennial probowler. And just like everyone else, he has the potential of being a complete bust. As you say Tx, the draft is a crapshoot.

    If we took Dorsey, he fills a spot on the line, but he takes the spot of Ryan in the lineup, assuming that we stand by our coaches' statements about Carriker playing DT beside Dorsey and that Carriker is a perfect three tech in the NFL. Problem is, we don't solve any of the pass rush issues we had last year. I would imagine we'd have a defense much like Minnesota, top against the run, last against the pass. And what did Minnesota do this year? They traded a bounty for an elite pass rusher who could just as easily become an elite couch warmer if he gets another DUI.

    Furthermore, Dorsey and Long are very similar in that they both took on double teams constantly through their careers. They also have the strong character and desire needed to succeed in the NFL. They both opened up holes for their teammates to make plays and made their defenses better. The difference lies in that despite the double teams, Chris Long had better production(his defense wasn't as good and didn't have as many playmakers, so this stands to reason, he needed to make plays, Dorsey had other guys to make plays), and Long does not have an injury history, or possibly future. If Dorsey's going to be a bust, it'll be because of injuries.

    Lastly, I'll point out again that it's not like Chris Long is some mid round talent that just filled a need. He was every bit as an elite candidate as Dorsey, with the added bonus of filling a need. I expect that Dorsey will be a great NFL player, and he certainly could be the best tackle to come out this decade, Tx, but what we needed was a pass rush from the outside, without having to rely on blitzes. Long gives us that, Dorsey would not.

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    Re: Randy K: Dorsey was never going to be the pick

    ahhhh.....this is a good thread. I love to see you guys mixin' it up!!

    like I said all along, I thought Glen Dorsey was a "smokescreen" because it just did not make sense. The Rams were trying "too hard" to make everybody think they were taking Dorsey. The more it got leaked to the reporters that Dorsey was "their guy" - the less believable it was. For those of you thinking it was Dorsey - you got PUNKED! like someone said, there is no "shame" in it, just admit it.

    April is "lying" season in the NFL. Rams avoided talking about Chris Long and openly embraced Dorsey. The Atlanta Falcons were rumored to not like Matt Ryan and they too were supposedly enamored with Glen Dorsey. Of course, I believed that too - so I got punked by my on team.

    As far as the injuries and now "painkiller" rumors - well, I think it speaks volumes that the universally endorsed "best player"(Dorsey) did not go until #5 overall. No team is going to comment on a player's injury but "actions" speak louder than words. I truly believe that teams were much more concerned about Dorsey's injury history than what has been written in the media. $30million guaranteed is a lot of money to give a defensive tackle with leg injury problems.....

    As much as I like Glen Dorsey (and I do!), I agree with "passing" on Dorsey due to the injury concerns (and yes, I know he did not miss a game in college!!!!).

    I believe Chris Long was the RIGHT pick for the Rams and I HOPE that Matt Ryan was the right pick for my Falcons. I was not in favor of the Ryan pick initially but I am starting to "warm" to it now - does not really matter, he's a Falcon and I am a Falcon fan so I support him no matter what. I am starting to embrace the leadership qualities, intangibles, etc. that Ryan possesses. I also like that he is 6'5" and the "anti-Vick" as we are all suffering from "Vick Fatigue" in the A-T-L.

    I do believe Matt Ryan will get the "most" out of his talent just like Chris Long will......

    Dorsey may never get hurt and make the Rams and Falcons look very foolish - but if Dorsey dominates for 2-3 years and then starts getting hurt all the time - I for one, will be happy the Falcons went a different way.

    Go Falcons!
    Go Rams! (just being nice)

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    Re: Randy K: Dorsey was never going to be the pick

    I'm happy that C. Long is a Ram. In a way, having the 2nd pick was even better than having the 1st pick. We were lucky that there were two or three excellent defensive line prospects available this year. Since we obviously don't want the 2nd over all pick again next year, we had to make a good choice this year and I think we did.
    But I honestly think we had Dorsey rated higher than Long, as probably most teams did. The need factor combined with the injury concern made C. Long the obvious choice. Had there been no injury I think it could have gone either way.
    In any case, I think Dorsey has something to prove and if the injury does not plague him, I think he's going to be a great player in the league.

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