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    Re: Rank the Rams' Needs

    Quote Originally Posted by fliptalianstallion View Post
    Weren't you the one who whined and bickered about Spags and Devaney's ability to manage an NFL team only to stay a Chargers fan until an NFL team moves to LA?
    How are those WR's working out that I complained about several yrs ago? I said before I liked Bradford, but I didn't like the situation that Devaney was bringing him into. Hell, look at one of the guys that thinks Shurmur should be replaced. Was I really that illogical, or is there a reason why Shumur keeps everything short. Given that so many people want a WR in this draft, that means what, 2-3 yrs before that player would be developed, which is 2-3 more yrs into Bradfords career. I appoligize for wanting to be proactive and saying that it was in the teams best interest to address the WR situation first, and build the line with 2nd n 3rd round picks. Then a yr later get the QB (Bradford). I'm sorry that the Rams found a left tackle in the 2nd round, because when Jason Smith was drafted, everyone said that it wasn't going to be possible to find a starter on the left side outside the 1st round. Nice drafting there. I still question that they don't have a complete long term vision. And yes, I'm still waiting for a team to come to LA.

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    Re: Rank the Rams' Needs

    1. 4-3 pass rusher
    2. Back up RB future starter
    3. OLB
    4. OG
    5. WR
    6. SS
    7. CB

    WR at #5 ?

    I too believe that we would be better off with Avery and/or Clayton (or a quality free agent) I've heard and read that it generally takes a rookie WR a couple of years to get it. So again I would prefer to go with experience at this position.

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