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  • Neither Running Back

    18 81.82%
  • Moreno, and utilize split carries

    2 9.09%
  • Wells, and utilize split carries

    1 4.55%
  • Moreno as a pure backup

    0 0%
  • Wells as a pure backup

    1 4.55%
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    RB Depth and the 35th Pick

    Not that I believe we have a bad running game. Obviously when Jackson is healthy it is one of the most dangerous in the league. Well, if our O-Line could produce for him. And I am sure they will in the near future.

    Anyways, I was just wondering, because I was browsing some mocks and found something interesting.

    In most mock drafts, it seems that there is only a single running back coming off the board in the first round. Knowshon Moreno. One draft, by Charles Davis of NFL.COM, whom I highly regard for his articles and opinions, had Knowshon as the only RB taken in round one. And the sad part was, he had him going to the Chargers. Recently, however, the Chargers have struck a deal with LT and now have both LT and Sproles in the bank. He has edited his post to

    "This could easily become LB Rey Maualuga, especially since L.T. just signed."

    So being that fact, it seems there is a potential major slide at RB like the WRs had last season. There may be none taken in the first round. If that is the case, and Knoshon Moreno doesn't go in the first, and Chris Wells doesn't go in the first, what happens to them then?

    Well I for one have watched both of the backs throughout their last season campaigns, and still cannot see how some people believe Knowshon is better than Chris Wells. Everybody claims that Wells has trouble with injuries, yet it was basically a single injury in his entire 3 years as the Running Back for the Buckeyes. Yes he had some on and off trouble with his ankle after that point, but that is what happens to everyone in the NFL too. When you are mid-season, and you are hurt, you have to try to recouperate while at the same, when you are healthy enough to go on any particular week, you go. Sometimes that causes some setbacks, but when your team needs you to perform you have to.

    Unlike the NFL where you can afford to have a couple losses, sometimes up to 8 in a really poor division (Chargers / Broncos / Arizona Cardinals), in NCAA football, a single loss can be the difference between being in the Big Game, and not being in the Big Game. So it makes sense that moreso than ever, you would not be able to sit on any given week because if your team loses because you didn't play, that's it. You just have to go out there, do your best, and hope it doesn't get aggrovated. Wells is healed up, showed amazing skill and ability in the combine and pro day, and is ready to roll.

    Not to take away from Knowshon Moreno. For a guy to come into the Georgia starting lineup after red-shirting his freshman year, he performed outstandingly. 1336/1400 being his two seasons total rushing yards, while averagine a 5.4/5.6 respectively. 30 TDs in 2 years is amazing, and add to that two reception touchdowns in his senior '08 season, and he can play from the backfield as receiver too. 253/392 yard seasons in receptions with an avg of 12.7/11.9. Something to note on a positive is the fact that Moreno, in both years as the starting back, never dropped a fumble. EVER. The note on this is that neither did Chris Wells.

    As for Wells, there was no Red Shirt. He came in his freshman year as a backup to Antonio Pittman, and managed on 104 carries, 576 yards and 7 touchdowns for a 5.5 average. In 2007, his "peak" season (because of an '08 injury) he took 274 carries for 1609 yards, and dragged in 15 touchdowns. During this season, Wells amassed a whopping 5.9 yards per carry.

    In his '08 campaign, with ankle injury and all plaguing him throughout the season, he still managed to take the ball 207 times, run 1197 yards, and average a 5.8 with 8 touchdowns. The reason why he didn't amass more touchdowns in the '08 season? Because for some wonderful reason, the Buckeyes started a freshman QB from Pennsylvania who decided he thought he could do a better job on the ground than Wells, and ran for 6 touchdowns. All of these touchdowns were in a scoring position, and should have been given to the feature back. To do Wells justice, in '08, this QB named Pryor took it upon himself to run the ball 139 times! That is over 50% of the ammount the Runningback took the ball.

    In my opinion that is too much for a QB to decide he wants to run. If you want to run that much, than go play receiver or RB. As for Wells, who put up ridiculous stats and almost guaranteed a handful of amazing plays every week, he needs to be looked at as the #1 back this draft.

    As for the point of this, I am just wondering... Judging by a near consensus that the Rams will take an Offensive Tackle with the #2 pick, if we were to get around to the #35 pick, in round 2, and either, or both of these individuals is in the draft still, do you consider picking one of them up. If yes, which one, and along that line, do you think running a split carry backfield would benefit the Rams? If not, would you just employ the back as a backup and let him take 5-9 carries a game when Jackson needs a break?

    In my opinion, if either of these two dropped down to the #35 pick, based on best player available / team need, I would definitely consider picking up one. If I had the choice, Wells would be my guy. If Wells was gone and Knowshon was in the market, I would still be considering calling his name. On this line, I believe that a split carry situation with 2 talented backs would define what the Rams are seeming to build around. Not only is Spags familiar with the split carries ideal, as it was dramatically successful in New York with Jacobs / Ward / Bradshaw, but I think it would solve a key problem that has been plaguing the Rams for years. I think it would improve Jackson's performance by taking some hits off of him, and keeping him fresher in the game. Less hits means less damage, and less damage means maybe he won't sit half the season every year. If Jackson does go down, under the current plan we would then have another QUALITY back to take over for him, and then it would be possible to carry on without changing the game strategy.

    So this is the poll, and gimme your answers. (I did not mention any other backs in the draft because...none of the other backs deserve to be in consideration for the 35th pick in the draft. If we were to take a back later in the draft, I am not saying it is a bad thing. Simply put, if we were to use the 35th, these are the only two worthy of mention)

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    Re: RB Depth and the 35th Pick

    Simple answer, no. We have way too many needs and I would hope that a run on tackles, receivers, and maybe even a QB taken early would drop DEFENSIVE players down to #35 for us to take.

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    Re: RB Depth and the 35th Pick

    Doesn't Brian Leonard have enough talent to handle a decent sized workload in the NFL when he's healthy? Especially now that he won't have to worry about playing any FB.

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    Re: RB Depth and the 35th Pick

    i think leonard can handle the backup position and i want to see what he can do when he gets to lose his fullback weight and is able to catch passes and run in the west coast offense. kenneth darby also performed pretty well and we have more important needs than rb at the 35 spot.

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    Re: RB Depth and the 35th Pick


    with Leonard and Darby we are fine

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    Re: RB Depth and the 35th Pick

    Don't waste a pick on a RB. To many needs at other positions.
    Just to name a few.

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    Re: RB Depth and the 35th Pick

    I'm not convinced on Leonard or Darby. The last two years, when SJax goes down, the Rams go down. The NFL is progressing to a two RB system and for whatever reason, injuries or whatever, the Rams don't have a backup RB that can help this team.

    I truely believe that the only two spots the Rams aren't in need of is K and P.

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    Re: RB Depth and the 35th Pick

    Tx, i agree that we could use a better backup, but before i worry about backups to all pros, i would prefer to worry about trying to fill starting spots or at least guys that will see more significant time than the backup at running back, which is why i cant see using pick 35 on a back. To me, thats effectively repeating the original leonard screw up. I am not saying i am sold on leonard/pittman either, but i think leonard should get a shot as a pure backup tailback without the extra weight of the fullback slot. Put another way, an upgraded backup is a luxury this team cant afford with pick 35.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel


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