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    Re: Re-Do The NFL Draft Your Way

    I'd still roll with Fletcher myself. How could you argue with making our pass defense any better? We may have been burned on the run, but did anyone catch McNabb's Hall of Fame clip show he put up against us week one last year? Or maybe you missed the great Shaun Hill methodically dismantle us during his 15/20 200yard game.
    We could use more help on D-line, but I thought most 'draftniks' had Michael Johnson with a bust label attatched to him. I'd rather roll the dice on a big athletic CB.

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    DistantRam Guest

    Re: Re-Do The NFL Draft Your Way

    Round one, pick number two: Michael Oher. I still believe that he'll be the best left tackle in this year's draft.

    Round two, pick number thirty-five: James Laurinaitis. A proverbial "steal", Laurinaitis adds a new dimension to our defence.

    Round three, pick number sixty-six: Juaquin Iglesias. An archetypal "possession receiver" who would have made our young receiving corps all the more solid.

    Round four, pick number one hundred and three: Jonathan Luigs. A solid back-up to Jason Brown (who else do we have?)

    Round five, pick number one hundred and sixty: Duke Robinson. His virtues have already been discussed.

    Round six, pick number one hundred and ninety-six: Ricky Jean-Francois. Would have added depth at defensive tackle.

    Round seven, pick number two hundred and eleven: Alex Boone. So, no-one has ever made any mistakes in their life? The guy is an excellent tackle prospect.
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    Re: Re-Do The NFL Draft Your Way

    Quote Originally Posted by CanadianRamsFan View Post
    So tell me, during your interview with these two guys why do you feel Johnson would have been better then Fletcher? Or was it something you say in the hours you put in watching their game tapes?

    I only ask because how else could you call it a "bad move"? I doubt that you are strictly going on what some guys from the internet have said right?
    I might not of been watching game tape but I know enough about adding to our D-line. Just in case you were watching the Argonauts or Eskimos and you were too busy to notice. At one time Michael Johnson was projected as the third overall pick in the 2009 draft. If you have a chance to get this guy in the third round you gotta take it. The payoff could be worthy of a first round pick. Why not take a chance on a guy like that instead of a guy you could of had in the fourth or fifth round....

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