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    Results of assorted mock draft's.

    Found 32 different mock drafts and have list below the players and the number of times they were picked. All of the picks fit in 4 catagories, with 1 wild card.
    OL - 4
    LB - 3
    CB - 6
    DE - 4
    WR - 1
    Picks as of 2/24
    Jammal Brown OT- 6 6
    Dan Cody DE - 5 4
    Matt Roth DE - 3 3
    Alex Barron OT - 2 1
    Erasmus James DE - 2 3
    Carlos Rogers CB - 2 1
    Khalif Barnes OT - 2 2
    Pac Man Jones CB - 1 0
    Chawne Merriman LB - 1 0
    Mark Clayton WR - 1 0
    Brandon Browner CB - 1 3
    Cory Webster CB - 1 0
    Channing Crowder LB - 1
    Marlin Jackson CB - 1 0
    David Bass OG - 1 1
    Antonio Perkins CB - 1 1
    Kevin Burnett LB - 1 2
    David Pollack DE - 1 4

    Just to show that the so called experts can't come up with a strong feeling on who will be taken.
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    Re: Results of assourted mock draft's.

    Alex Barron OT - 2
    I'd be shocked to see one draft with Barron falling to us, but two just seems crazy.
    Jammal Brown OT- 6
    This does seem to be the popular pick. If it happens, he'd be the 1st since Orlando.
    Quote Originally Posted by 1st&Goal
    Just to show that the so called experts can't come up with a strong feeling on who will be taken.
    Nice work. You've shown a legitimate point here. The draft is football's biggest crap shoot, and trying to predict the draft is football fan's biggest crap shoot.
    "Before the gates of excellence the high gods have placed sweat; long is the road thereto and rough and steep at first; but when the heights are reached, then there is ease, though grievously hard in the winning." --- Hesiod

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    Re: Results of assourted mock draft's.

    Like I've said before, after the top three, it's anyone's guess. OT is definitely a needed area for this team and I'd be happy with Brown, WHICH MEANS we won't draft him.

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    Re: Results of assourted mock draft's.

    There's no way in H#$)(#*$ the Rams are going to pick a CB in the first round???

    I mean, sure that would be a great addition, but the needs are so high at O'line and LB. Plus, better linebackers should have an impact on the pass coverage, helping out our average CB's.

    And personally, I think they're pretty damn good considering that they don't get much help from the safety position and the Defense didn't get much of a pass-rush until late in the season.

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    Re: Results of assorted mock draft's.

    The second number next to name is the update number of picks received as of 02/24/05.


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