So now that this draft is nearly over, lets look back on the big trade, at it's MIDPOINT
draft, which should not be forgotten.

Last year, that pick ended up being Michael Brockers, Janoris Jenkins, Isaiah Pead, and Rok Watkins.

Now, it has become Alec Ogletree and Stedman Bailey as well. Still remaining is a 6th rounder that would have been a seven before the dealing this year, and that #1 pick in 2014, that will no doubt become a later #1 and an extra #2, OR and EARLER #1 to get just the last key piece of the puzzle, or more likely a tackle to replace Saffold.

Did I mention RGIII, a guy who depends on his legs, is recovering from his second major knee surgery?

To protect their investment, Mike Shanahan will keep RG III in the pocket, and then he becomes just another good passer if provided protection.

Jenkins is a star already, Brockers clearly is on track to be one, BOTH with enormous upside.

Pead was the forgotten Ram, and maybe sme kids just need a year to adjust to being out of college and on their own. When you have Steven Jackson, in a walk year, and Daryl Richardson in the backfield, on a team that throws alot, you are gonna red shirt as the #3, other than being a practice field tackling dummy.

In Peads case, they tried to get him on the field as a KR, but guess what, Pead has speed to burn, but he sucks in that role, and was only doing it out of desperation.

Now, with Jax gone, Pead gets a REAL shot, with the playbook memorized, and no special teams or practice field tackling dummy responsibilities to wear him down mentally and physically.

Don't blame Pead for his plight, or his depression, because for players, the ONLY thing that isn't depressing about the NFL is the GAMES, and only that makes the rest bearable.

Pead is motivated, and based on his college career and his measurables, he deserves a shot, especailly after what he suffered through last year. Even in he was good in the few reps he got in practice with the top offensive unit, he wasn't going to play ahead of Jackson, who demands the ball all he time, and the speedy Richardson, the anti-Jackson type back.

Just like we must COUNT on Quick, Givens, Pettis, Austin and Bailey to become the new "Greatest Show", and The two young, talented TE to be the next N.E. type duo, we have to look at the TALENT at RB and feel at least OK, and very hopeful.

If Pead is a hit, this trade is a no brainer, especially because with these new weapons and Jake Long, Sam Bradford will make fans forget about RGIII watching as a hobby.