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    RichTree's 2014 Final Pre-Draft WR Rankings

    Ok, So we know a few things about the NFL and this WR Class in 2014. These needs to be remembered before the ranks are released.

    #1 -- This WR Class is one of deepest of all time
    #2 -- Everyone is fast in the NFL
    #3 -- Catching the ball is more important than every
    #4 -- Time for Development is limited compared to past years
    #5 -- Players that score and don't get hurt win games (ganas)

    Here is my Top 30 WRs and this year I was limited on personal time and this draft needs more time to show after Watkins the next 15 guys are so close together and there will be a few stars from later rounds

    Enjoy and please comment:

    Rank Player Draft Spot Note
    1 Sammy Watkins Top 10 Clear Best WR -- Smaller, Stronger Julio Jones
    2 Cody Latimer Round 1 Could be a second coming of T.Holt
    3 Mike Evans Top 20 A really good athelte, but can he play fast?
    4 Allen Robinson Round1/2 Fringe Tape doesn't lie, and will is greater than 99% of players on field
    5 Brandin Crooks Round1/2 Fringe A freak, speed, moves, Tavon Austin was worth Top 10….this guy is close
    6 Brandon Coleman Round 2/3 Fringe Cuts out of breaks need work, but I still see a starter
    7 Martavis Bryant Round 2 I want to rank this guy #5 Overall but just needed one piece of tape to show it
    8 Kelvin Benjamin Round1/2 Fringe Could be Plax or could be a guy that is never open and can't help S/T -- HUGE RISK of ALL WR
    9 Jarvis Landry Round 2/3 Fringe Hands of elite NFL players, needs a full year to catch up althetically, but could be #2WR in NFL
    10 Marquise Lee Round 1 Will be a nice Nate Burleson type player, but will be drafted too high
    11 Odell Beckham Jr Round 1 Biggest disagreement of the year -- Not Percy Harvin / Nor natural pass catcher -- career SpTeams/#4WR
    12 Shaq Evans Round 4 Could end of being a game chnger than could find a role and good Special Teamer
    13 Kevin Norwood Round 3 Always Overlooked….will be better than a few guys ranked above him
    14 Donte Moncrief Round 2/3 Fringe Has the skills to be a solid guy but never great -- no risk, no reward, WYSIWYG
    15 Jared Abbrederis Round 3 I think this is one of those guys that finds of roster but needs weightroom to be starter (potential)
    16 Devin Street Round 3 Sleeper with skills but tape is limited, will need development but I feel may get picked higher than most
    17 Jordan Matthews Round 2 My other guy that I just don't agree with -- can't catch or take a hit, can't play in NFL
    18 Paul Richardson Round 4 I lighter Chad OchoCinco -- could be a steal -- all potential, great body control (should be #14)
    19 Chris Boyd Round 5 Here's your late sleeper, could be a TE in future with great hands -- Love it all, needs time
    20 Quincy Enuwa Round 5 With better hands he could be very valuable
    21 Davante Adams Round 2/3 Fringe Will be drafted tooo high for a guy that is the next Brian Quick
    22 TJ Jones Round 5 Good solid depth for a team - scouts dead on
    23 Bruce Ellington Round 3 Scheme guy that needs to be placed in a system for him to be used, someone will take a chance
    24 Willie Snead Round 7 Big Hands and has something that gets him into the mix of a team
    25 Mike Davis Round 7 Solid player and depth -- WYSIWYG
    26 Josh Huff Round 6 Speedy and could develop into a slot guy that can contribute
    27 Dri Archer Round 5 I think he is more of a 3rd down RB and in that role could be a key player on a NFL team
    28 Matt Hazel Round 4 Nice all around player that could start with a chance to develop -- looks good
    29 Cody Hoffman Round 3/4 Fringe Big stong but is he WR or TE --- that question has him in limbo
    30 Damian Copeland Round 6 Just made my top 30 cause he is a playmaker, but needs another year of school --- so will NFL teams wait ?

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    Re: RichTree's 2014 Final Pre-Draft WR Rankings

    I knew more Marquese Lee would befalling like a rock

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