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    Rob Rang NFLDraftscout value of his opinion

    What do the Clandraftniks think about the expertise of Rob Rang?

    As he has a VERY nice mock for us and not a very unlikely one in my eyes.


    Julio Jones, WR, Alabama: The Rams have their young franchise quarterback in Sam Bradford and a workhorse runner in All-Pro Steven Jackson, but desperately need help outside. Jones isn't as fast on the field as he was at the combine - which is why he could slip a bit further than many project - but his size, strength and three years of consistent standout play in the ultra-competitive SEC make him an ideal candidate to make an immediate impact.


    Kyle Rudolph, TE, Notre Dame: Some believe Rudolph could wind up in the first round, but despite the fact that he is clearly the top tight end this year, he is not the elite athlete his hype would indicate. A slight slip on draft day is possible. The Rams would gladly stop his slide here.

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    Re: Rob Rang NFLDraftscout value of his opinion

    Rang's okay. Like most draft "experts," he is just throwing darts.

    If the Rams ended up with Jones and Rudolph, I'd be surprised. Frankly, if Jones falls to the Rams, I'd be shocked if they didn't go defense in Round 2 (unless a really good RB prospect were to fall).

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    Re: Rob Rang NFLDraftscout value of his opinion

    What I've seen of him is alot like the other prognosticators. They slot guys by their opinions/evaluation of value, with very limitted insight as to what teams are actually looking at. For instance, picks 1-3 in 2010 were pretty easy, but after that, not a whole lot of accuracy. And what they think a guy ranks in evaluation is not really what teams think or do.

    I also discount this mock due to him not realizing that Scott Linehan isn't here anymore and this team has way more important needs than another TE.

    Nothing to see here.

    To Clarify: The above opinion is rooted in the accuracy of Mock Drafts. Mr Rang is a saint in all other aspects of life for all I know. I will however make an effort to search out his analysis and scouting of players as I now hear they may be quite worth while. My apologies for my short sightedness regarding the individual.
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    Re: Rob Rang NFLDraftscout value of his opinion

    I've always enjoyed Rang's opinion and have found him to be a pretty thorough draftnik. His website has some of the most comprehensive scouting reports and player databases out there. Clearly CBS agreed, since they picked him up for their draft coverage.

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    Re: Rob Rang NFLDraftscout value of his opinion

    I'm not against picking a TE, but i don't see the logic of picking one when we already picked up a receiver in the first.

    Also, Bradford made good use of Hoomanawanui and Fells last year, he even made Bajema look like a decent receiving TE. The underneath passing game is pretty much one place where the Rams don't need to improve. Amendola, Alexander, Clayton, Gibson and the TEs are all solid on underneath routes. Where we need improvement is on the mid to deep routes, and i don't see Rudolph helping much there.

    I'm not saying that Rudolph wouldn't be an upgrade at TE, he probably would, but it's almost a luxury upgrade at this point considering the needs elsewhere. Besides, McD doesn't use the TE enough to justify upgrading Illinois Mike or Fells

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    Re: Rob Rang NFLDraftscout value of his opinion

    Well it is very interesting. This would show that the Rams want to give Bradford his options and allow McD to spread the field very well. I would not be shocked if this happens because both players are value and 4 pillar players. Illinois Mike has not shown enough to the point where we wont look at an upgrade. Rudolph is a special pass catcher and a huge asset for Bradford on 3rd down and in the red zone.

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