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    Rockin Mock Draft Version 2.0 (Updated with FA Signings)

    This is only my 2nd mock draft this year as I have not had the chance to watch as much film as I would like. (I usually do around 4-5 mocks per year.)

    I usually follow players on my list throughout the whole season (even 2 seasons).

    FA Signings:
    Scott Wells (C)
    Courtland Finnegan (CB)
    Kendall Langford (DT)

    *Let's also assume we sign Mario Manningham (WR)

    *Our next move, we trade next years first round pick from the Redskins trade to Philadelphia in exchange for their 2nd round pick and 4th round pick this year.

    Since Philly has 2 2nd round picks this year, they could potentially benefit from this trade.

    Round 1: Justin Blackmon (6'1, 208lbs.) [WR] OSU

    There is a big possibility that Blackmon can still fall to us here. If he does, we snatch him. Since Manningham is not a true #1 WR, Blackmon and Manningham will make a solid receiving duo.

    Another possbility here is Michael Floyd. If Blackmon is gone, I would grab Floyd here. Floyd has the tools to be a legitimate #1 WR, and last year I had him ranked better than Julio Jones.

    Round 2: Lamar Miller (5'10, 210lbs.) [RB] Miami

    Lamar Miller is a very explosive and tough runner, and has excellent vision and elusiveness. He gives our offense a much needed edge, and should be our future #1 RB.

    Round 2: Keleci Osemele (6'6, 335lbs.) [OT/OG] Iowa St.

    Osemele is a HUGE blocker, and has the largest wingspan of any lineman in the draft. Has the athleticism and power to play either RT or any guard position. He uses his size and power to overwhelm every defensive linemen in his sight, and also possesses good finesse blocking skills.

    Paired up with Wells and Dahl, our interior should be dominant.

    Round 2: Kendall Reyes (6'4, 300lbs.) [DT] Conn

    Kendall Reyes is a very talented DT in a deep DT group this year. He is a very athletic lineman who has a very strong bull rush and can anchor the middle very well. Closes on QBs and RBs very quickly, and proved it at the Combine with a 4.79 40 yd-dash time. Overall technique, especially his use of his hands needs work, but it is easily coachable and his athleticism could make him into a dominant DT in the next few years.

    Kendall Reyes + Kendall Langford should shore up the middle for us.

    Round 3:
    Lavonte David (6'0, 225lbs.) [OLB] Nebraska

    Lavonte David is the most underrated LB in the draft. If he was 2 inches taller, he would be a Round 1 draft pick. His biggest negative is his size.

    David possesses incredible football IQ, and is always around the ball. Tremendous tackler, and has great sideline to sideline speed. Has sound coverage skills, and possesses a great motor.

    Pairing David with Laurinaitis would give us a duo of incredibly instinctual linebackers who will always be around the ball. They are also both very good tacklers.

    Round 4: Ladarius Green (6'6, 240lbs.) [TE] Louisiana Lafayette

    Green contributes almost nothing as a blocker, but as a receiver he has the potential be the next Jimmy Graham. At 6'6, he has more than half a foot on all NFL defensive backs, and his speed and size combination allows him to be a huge mismatch everywhere on the field. Although his route running needs work, he is a tremendous athlete with huge hands.

    Our only TE worth noting right now is Lance Kendricks, who is around 6'2-6'3. Kendricks does not possess elite size, speed, or anything for that matter, and has yet to show anybody that he can contribute and live up to his 2nd round draft pick status.

    With Green, he gives our offense yet another threat. Blackmon + Manningham + Miller + Green is a first-class off season for our offense.

    Round 4: Nick-Jean Baptiste (6'1, 335lbs.) [DT] Baylor

    Very underrated nose tackle. At the East-West Shrine Game, he consistently manhandled offensive linemen with his bowling ball frame. At a compact 6'1, he keeps his pad level low and shows a solid bull rush with his strength and size.

    With the loss of Robbins and Bannan, Baptiste should become our future NT. Should come in and become our #3 DT behind the Kendall duo.

    Round 5:
    NONE (Because of Brandon Lloyd trade)

    Round 6:
    Ryan Broyles (5'11, 185lbs.) [WR] Oklahoma

    Broyles has been virtually forgotten in this pretty deep WR class. His knee is still injured, and many teams will pass on him for a healthy WR. He might slip all the way to the 6th round, and if he does we need to snatch him up.

    He used to be Bradford's favorite target, and if we let Broyles sit for a year and let him heal, he can prove to be a great investment for us. He is a very shifty WR and can be a dangerous weapon in the slot.

    Round 7: William Vlachos (6'1, 295-319lbs.) [C] Alabama

    Vlachos is in an interesting predicament. He showed up to the Senior Bowl at 319lbs. to make up for his lack of height, and looked very, very sloppy. He was beat by almost every defensive lineman, and did not receive an invitation to the Combine.

    Vlachos' normal playing weight is below 300lbs, and that is where he has played well against top SEC linemen ( Fairley, Brockers, Drake Nevis, etc.). His stock is most likely dropping because of his poor Senior Bowl performance, but if he decides to lose some weight, a team might be willing to pick him up in the late rounds.

    He is a very sound and technical center. He is very quick off the ball and has a good center of gravity. He can learn behind Scott Wells.

    Vlachos reminds me of Colt's Jeff Saturday. Saturday at 6'2 and 296lbs has almost the same build as Vlachos and they are both very technical and finesse centers.

    Update Depth Chart: (Additions are underlined)

    Bradford |Clemen | Brandstater
    RB: Jackson | Miller
    FB: ?
    WR: Blackmon | Manningham | Amendola | Salas | Alexander | Gibson | Pettis | Broyles
    TE: Kendricks | Green
    LT: Saffold | Goldberg
    LG: Osemele
    C: Wells | Vlachos
    RG: Dahl
    RT: Smith

    LE: Long
    RE: Quinn
    DT: Langford | Reyes | Baptiste | Scott
    WLB: David
    MLB: Laurinaitis
    SLB: ?
    CB: Finnegan | Fletcher | Murphy
    FS: Stewart(?)
    SS: Mikell
    K: Brown
    P: ?
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    Re: Rockin Mock Draft Version 2.0 (Updated with FA Signings)

    Not bad.
    No way I give up a 2013 traded Redskins pick for just a 2nd and 4th round pick this year.
    I would rather trade down again for more picks. Possible trade partners Miami at 8, Buffalo at 10, Kansas City at 11, and Seattle at 12. Could all be lokking for QB Tannahill.
    Rd 1 WR Blackmon
    Rd 2 DT Kendall Reyes
    Rd 2 G Keleci Osemele
    Rd 3 OT Matt McCants
    Rd 4 RB Ronnie Hillman
    Rd 6 OLB nigel bradham
    Rd 7 WR Marvin McNutt

    Those are some of the picks I like.

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    Re: Rockin Mock Draft Version 2.0 (Updated with FA Signings)

    We didn't sign Manningham, unfortunately for your projection, and I'd prefer to have a first next year instead of a second this year. A bird in the hand, as they say...

    Really like that you've included Baptiese in this mock. He's a definite sleeper in my books.

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    Re: Rockin Mock Draft Version 2.0 (Updated with FA Signings)

    I don't think Tannehill will go as high as some think. He is not very good, and even with the demand of a franchise QB, Tannehill should not even go in the top 15. He is a very developmental prospect, and if he becomes good, it will take him at least several years in the NFL.

    As for the future draft pick trade, I do feel that we could probably get more than just a 2nd round pick and 4th round pick, but for realistic purposes, I only did 2nd/4th round pick. We could probably work out a 2nd/3rd round combo.

    Since we didn't sign Manningham, we could for another receiver in rounds 3-4. For example, if Streeter is there, we grab him up.

    As for Baptiste, I have been keeping my eye on him for a while. He is under the radar, but has played consistently well all season. He is overshadowed by the Griffin and Kendall Wright era, but he is a solid DT and should become a good NFL player. He kind of reminds me of Casey Hampton. Similar height + weight, and similar playing style.

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