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    Re: Rockin's Mock Draft @ Week 11 (New perspective)

    Quote Originally Posted by RAMarkable View Post
    Good job overall, Rockin', but I don't follow your reasoning for a guard in the 2nd round. From what you said it seems that Cogs and Iupati are similar type of players.

    Look at this way: The Rams will either:

    1.) Resign Cogs to a long term deal and keep him at RG.

    2.) Let Cogs go and promote one of the other young guards (Greco or Setterstrom) to the starting position.

    I don't think it is wise to use a very high pick in the second round on a position that we already have sufficient depth at. At least not with all of our other needs staring us in the face.

    A couple of players that I have been following that just might be available at this point in the draft are J. Dwyer, RB from GA Tech - I agree with you that Jax needs a high quakity back up- and J. Gresham, TE from Oklahoma. (Yeah, I know that Gresham is injured, but that is why I'm hoping he will fall out of the first round.)

    And I am totally on board with the Suh pick. BTW what did you mean with your referring to "House of Spears"? Does that have something to do with Mr. Suh's name or what?


    Ndamukong Suh means "House of Spears" in his native Cameroon language. Pretty scary. But fitting.

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    Re: Rockin's Mock Draft @ Week 11 (New perspective)

    If the Rams are consistent from here on out with their play, then naturally this draft board is solid.
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams

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    Re: Rockin's Mock Draft @ Week 11 (New perspective)

    Quote Originally Posted by RockinRam View Post
    Don't get me wrong...I love Clausen. But there are some rumors that he might stay for another year. But if he doesn't stay for another year, I think it will be between Suh and Clausen for our first round pick.

    If for the rest of the season, our DT's play better than Bulger, I would love to get Clausen. If they play equal to Bulger, I would still like Clausen. But if Bulger outperforms our DT's, it's time for us to upgrade.

    Ryan and Ramsey are good run stuffers, but not good against the pass. Ah You is terrible against the run, and not really all that good against the pass either.
    Ok i just dont get. Does why do people like the Suh pick. Don't get me wrong he is a great athlete but i am confident that the Rams will pull off some wins

    Do you guys think the Rams will end the season that bad? And if we do end the season that bad Spags has to take a QB or his job will be in jeopardy.

    Lets take a look at the teams that have 3 or less wins because one of them will get the 1st pick:

    3-win club (slight chance 1 may be #1 pick)
    (Stoud will be 32 next year and kyle williams is just there for the rush D so if the bills go 1st they will probably go Suh)
    (Seahawks have 2 decent DTs in Mebane and Collie but they need a pass rush surprisingly a little more than the Rams do so unless one of the OTs establishes him self as Joe Thomas the hawks will go Suh)
    (Titans lost haynsworth last year so they may take suh if they are #1)
    (they got haynsworth so they will not go Suh)

    2 win club (decent chance to be #1 pcik)
    (Chiefs run a 3-4 so they will not go for Suh)
    (If Suh does not run a 4.4 or better 40 he is off Al Davis's board)

    1 win club (most likely to get 1st pick)
    (need a DT like SUh so they would pick him up)
    (u know)
    (they have shawn rodgers and need a new QB)
    (need help on D so they would probably take him)

    So ask yourself will the Rams finish with a worse record than the Lions, Bucs, titans, seahawks OR Bills?

    I think we will finish in the top 5 but not top 3

    IMO this is how it will look:

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    Re: Rockin's Mock Draft @ Week 11 (New perspective)

    It depends. Seahawks could also be looking QB, as Hasselbeck is getting extremely old.

    Titans have been on fire lately, their record might be better than ours by the end of the season.

    IMO, the only teams that will have a worse record than us most probably will be the Lions, and Browns and maybe Seahawks.

    Bucs had a close game last week, Titans said already, Seahawks if they manage to beat us, Bills I'm not too sure.

    Clausen might be off the board when we pick, because the Hawks, Browns and Bills should consider him. The Raiders could potentially consider him also. And if Clausen is gone, I don't know if I want Locker yet.

    I doubt Spags will have his job in jeopardy if he decides to take a defensive player he can groom and make an extreme playmaker out of.

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