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Thread: Round 2

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    Round 2

    I was just just watching through some film on Defensive players and there is a good pissiblity that when the ticker hits us in the 2nd, we could have a S on the board as BPA... would anyone take that. I would. I know we have other needs, but S is something we definitly need, and although I don't like CHavous I think he would be a good vet. to bring in a younger guy and have him help get into the game.

    Just a thought.

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    Re: Round 2

    If a safety were the BPA at #33 I'd take him in a heartbeat. With as many holes as we have, I think it's silly when people sometimes say "ok, round 2 we take best WR available and then in round 3 we take best OL available."

    There are plenty of positions we should consider in round 2, and safety is definitely one of them. So yeah, I'm with you - if safety is BPA, let's do it.

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    Re: Round 2

    If Kenny Phillips is there: Absolutely.
    Josh Barrett: Most likely, depending on who else slid out of the 1st.

    It all depends on who the BPA is, and whether or not it coincides with a need... You can't really say whether or not you would take a player or not at a certain position until you see who else is on the board.

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    Re: Round 2

    let it snow baby , would love the bpa to be a safety to pair with O.J.

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    Mooselini Guest

    Re: Round 2

    I want Barrett in a Rams uniform. But we have so many needs, I don't know who we need priority.

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    Re: Round 2

    It all depends upon FA and who slides in round one. If we get an ok OL in FA(obviously not big signing, but good enough), and we go DE in round one, and especially if none of the OT's like Otah slip, I would be very much in favor of going in this direction. I think our top needs are DE, OT and SS, with WR close behind that, and so, in this weak safety class, if a top prospect falls to us at 33, we definitely need to take him and maybe hedge our bets that there'll be OL depth still there in round 3.

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