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    Ramcrazy53 Guest

    Round one...FIGHT!

    Who do you want the Rams to draft in round one?

    First, if the Seahawks make a late push and offer Kevin Curtis a contract that the Rams are unable to match we will receive the 31st pick in the NFL Draft. I'm not saying this is good, but I don't believe it would be the worst thing to happen either. The Rams would have the 11th pick and the 31st pick. If this occurs, the Rams need to make it a priority to trade up and get A.J. Hawk. For now, let’s plan on the Seahawks and all other team failing to sign Curtis. Therefore, I believe the Rams should draft the best player/need available.

    Here are the likely top available players that may fall to the Rams starting with the most likely.

    1. Ernie Simms
    2. Tye Hill
    3. Jimmy Williams
    4. Haloti Ngata
    5. Vernon Davis
    6. Michael Huff

    I would be happy with anyone of these players, but I would hope for a trade down on a couple of them. I really hope the Rams end up with Huff or Davis. Both have tremendous value and fill needs. Next, I don’t really like the idea of drafting another DT in round one. Honestly, they are the biggest risks next to QB in the draft. However, I will admit Ngata is a rare talent and I wouldn’t mind getting a player of his caliber. Some people would rather have Bunkley or Watson at #11. That opinion makes me question their knowledge of football. :O

    In the end, I have confidence in the Rams FO and coaching staff. I know they will continue to rebuild the defense and improve the team.


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    DaRamsBaby Guest

    Re: Round one...FIGHT!

    no... i strongly disagree, i think curtis should stay and we just get a number 11 draft pick and plus if he is on the sehawks and we play them twice, that would just make it tougher...

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    serkicker32 Guest

    Re: Round one...FIGHT!

    Huff cause defense wins championships. BTW I think that Bunkley is better due to the fact that his injury history is not as bad as Ngata, and while his ceiling might be lower than Ngata, Bunkley's floor is much higher.


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