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Thread: Rumor Mill: Patterson Sliding?

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    Re: Rumor Mill: Patterson Sliding?

    Quote Originally Posted by TekeRam View Post
    Um, yes, physics is an exact science. Specifically: p=mv.

    Actually, the fact is that the discussion is about Peteron. Look at the thread title. But yes, he has not been injured against smaller, less athletic competition than he will see in the NFL.

    I fully acknowledge that Austin is a shifty guy. However, you seem to write off that he will be hit. And he will be hit hard. You also don't seem to admit that this past season he averaged 10.5 yards per touch. Against not great, non-NFL defenses. What do you think will happen when he plays against guys that can run almost as fast as him, but also pack an extra 40 pounds of weight? Again, I suggest you read the works of Sir Isaac Newton.

    NFL players don't get hurt as much against the lower levels of competition because they usually are more athletic and bigger than the non-NFL talent. And so, no, I'm not impressed with Austin's ability to shifty out of hits from 190 pound guys when he will see only a handful of them in the NFL. If he was that super-humanly shifty, he'd have averaged far more than just 11.5 yards per catch last year.
    If you say so, but as it relates to football, we obviously will have to agree to disagree, because there is absolutely nothing you can say today that convinces me that Tavon Austin is automatically subject to more injuries than Cordarelle Patterson because he is smaller.

    The only thing that can be proven concerning this subject on this day, is your own fear (paranoia).

    And I'm not going to get into stats or anything else they did in college outside of injuries (or fear of), because they are not relevant to the subject.
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    Re: Rumor Mill: Patterson Sliding?

    Here's what Dane Brugler of CBS Sports and NFL Draft Scout said of Patterson when listing him as a recent "faller" on draft boards...

    Patterson is physically strapped together with an intriguing, athletic skill-set that might land him in the top half of round one. He needs work on his routes and concentration to better separate and finish catches, but NFL scouts are even more concerned with what's going on between his ears. Patterson's interviews have "turned off" some teams, according to sources, coming off as "egotistical" to go along with questions about his mental aptitude to quickly digest and execute a NFL playbook. His physical upside is undeniable and he simply knows how to make plays with the ball in his hands. But doubts about the way he carries himself could cause Patterson to slip on draft day, probably out of the top 20 selections.

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    Re: Rumor Mill: Patterson Sliding?

    When you look at the long term draft failing teams, the key isn't just drafting talent, it's drafting smart players who have exceptional work ethics and desire to take advantage of their talents. Draft picks are rarely failures because the player lacks the physical tools or ability, they are failures because of their head.

    Every time a WR runs a 4.6 people compare them to Jerry Rice and act as if they are the same. Maybe physically, no where else. Danny Amendola is an NFL success because of what's between the ears. Eddie Kennison had 5x the physical ability of Amendola and nothing between the ears.

    Patterson has top 10 physical tools. That gets you a seat at the table but if the Rams think he doesn't have the work ethic and brain capacity to be an elite player, a first round pick has been wasted.

    IMO it is poor to compare him to Jenkins. It was repeatedly commented on that what the Rams loved about Jenkins and were sold on him was his love of the game and how he gave 100% at practice just playing special teams.
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