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    Jukebox Guest

    Saints fan working on a mock

    I come here in peace, mainly to discuss a dilema im having putting together a mock draft. I have Eugene Monroe going #1 to the lions and im torn between two players for your #2 pick.

    The first is Andre Smith. I personally think the guy has bust written all over him. However, I think he will be the consensus #2 OT when draft time rolls around. I hear that Spags wants to build a power running game which would lead me to believe he could be the pick here. Not to mention you guys have a history of striking gold with an OT in a rebuilding year (Pace).

    The second player I could see going here is Brian Orakpo. I'm sure you all saw what your new coach did with his d-line over in NY. The man understands that pressuring the QB is vital to team success. That being said, does he pair him with fellow 1st rounders Long and Carriker?

    I could've just gotten sloppy and threw a name down, but I really want to put the effort into this. What's your take? Orakpo or Smith?

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    Re: Saints fan working on a mock

    Right now, deciding between those 2, I would go with Smith. However, I think Orakpo is going to just fly up draft boards after the combine because I think he will have probably the best combine of all time, because the guy is a freak!

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    keith m. klink Guest

    Re: Saints fan working on a mock

    Wasn't V. Gholston a freak and a combine god !

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    Mooselini Guest

    Re: Saints fan working on a mock

    To be safe, I'd say Andre Smith.

    Good luck on your mock.

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    Re: Saints fan working on a mock

    If we miss out on Eugene Monroe which I doubt, I'm not in love with the OT class behind him unless Jason Smith really shows something. I could see the Rams going Curry or possibly BPA which would be Crabtree.

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    Re: Saints fan working on a mock

    The Rams have so many needs they should and probably will try to trade down. But its hard to do and when putting together a mock you don't normally count on it. If we stay at #2 its a tough choice there are starting to be a lot of people saying Crabtree. I think WR falls behind many other things we need to fix first. Such as MLB, NT, OT, C, CB, FB, and SS. IMO you can often pick up a good WR in free agency they switch teams more often then good OT's or MLB's. I would like to see us draft an OT in the third round and fill other needs in rounds 1 & 2. If we stay put I could see us taking Raji in Round 1 and Mack or Unger round 2. If this was the case then we would need to find our MLB via free agency. You could not count on a fourth round or later pick to come in and start right away.

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    iStillBelieve Guest

    Re: Saints fan working on a mock

    in the mock draft database on walter football it shows the top 5 of around 100 mock drafts and in only one of them orakpo goes second to the rams (i would put the link but that is not allowed)

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