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    Saints may take Bush rather than trade down

    After surprise, Saints ready to take Bush at No. 2
    Posted: Friday April 28, 2006 10:48PM
    Updated: Friday April 28, 2006 10:48PM

    NEW ORLEANS -- Now that the first big surprise of the 2006 NFL Draft has hit the football world, the New Orleans Saints on Friday night were preparing for the second.

    General Manager Mickey Loomis, from his bunker at Saints' headquarters just after 10 p.m. EST, said he didn't think he would accept any offers for USC superstar running back Reggie Bush prior to Saturday's noon start of the 71st NFL draft.

    "He [Bush] is the No. 1 player on our board," Loomis said during a break in staff meetings at the Saints' facility. "He's the No. 1 player on a lot of teams' boards. To be truthful, I don't expect us to be moving the pick."

    The Saints, like most teams in the NFL, had heard the recent rumblings out of Houston that signability was going to be a factor in getting a deal done with either Bush or N.C. State defensive end Mario Williams, but it still came as a surprise Friday night to Saints' brass when it was Williams, not Bush, who agreed to a six-year, $54-million contract with the Texans and became the first overall pick in the draft.

    "It was very surprising," Loomis said. "We'd heard, just like everyone else, that they wanted to get their first pick signed, and I can understand that, but it did come as something of a surprise even though Williams is such a great player."

    So the Saints, who earned the second-overall pick in the draft with a 3-13 record in 2005, appear poised to take the most explosive running back to come out of college football in years. If Bush is the pick, he'll add an explosive dimension to an offensive backfield that already has added free-agent quarterback Drew Brees in free agency. Bush would complement incumbent running back Deuce McAllister, who's returning from major knee surgery.

    Prior to Houston's blockbuster announcement, the Saints were expected to strongly consider Virginia offensive tackle D'Brickashaw Ferguson with the second pick. Or, New Orleans would've considered trading down several slots in the first round as long as the team could've drafted one of its top prospects, such as Ohio State linebacker A.J. Hawk.

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    Tony Soprano Guest

    Re: Saints may take Bush rather than trade down

    Makes perfect sense. The Saints will wrap Bush up.

    Notice: The Saints covet Hawk. This is one thing I noticed early on .. many GMs and coaches have their eye on Hawk.

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    Re: Saints may take Bush rather than trade down

    Didn;t they sign Deuce McAllister to a lot of money last year? I Know he's oft injured, but--do we have another Texas situation here?

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    Re: Saints may take Bush rather than trade down

    ive had the Saints to pick D`Brick as a done deal for months,maybe a trade with the jets down to 4th and still get D`Brick seems most likely but then again i dont think they already have their LONG TERM answer at RB,so could just as likely take Bush for themselves and take someone like Trueblood later on in Day One now!

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    Re: Saints may take Bush rather than trade down

    Deuce is coming off of surgery and Bush can be used set out as a receiver, etc.

    They're taking Bush, IMO.

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    Re: Saints may take Bush rather than trade down

    Deuce McAllister is a good RB. Reggie Bush is a future Hall of Famer. The Texans did the entire NFL a favor when they showed that high salary demands will change draft position and therefore lower final salary received for Mr. Bush. Bush's agent blundered (unless Bush would rather be a Saint and play for a bit less).

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    Drew4EverRams Guest

    Re: Saints may take Bush rather than trade down

    Brees,Bush and Horn(even though he`s ageing) that sounds like a good offensive combo if the saints can pick up a good O-lineman post first round!

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    Drew4EverRams Guest

    Re: Saints may take Bush rather than trade down

    I agree that Deuce is quality(a kind of poor man`s LT) but if i was in the saints front office it would be between D`Brick and Bush,given Deuce`s injury proness and the fact that they dont have much as an insurance policy behind him plus again Bush`s talent and once in a generation potential ya gotta fancy Bush!

    still cant believe,houston passed on him!!!!

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    jkramsfan Guest

    Re: Saints may take Bush rather than trade down

    bush a "future hall of famer" he hasnt played a single down in the nfl,thats a bit of a bold statemate,but with all due respect could be a very true one 10 years from now.i just think its a bit premature.


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