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    Re: Sam Can Take A Hit

    Quote Originally Posted by TakeSuh View Post
    you do know that he has played in every single game since then right?

    he hasnt complained about his knees, and those arnt really a problem
    Quote Originally Posted by thickandthin View Post
    same with Bradford.
    You may be referring to the complained part, but I can't tell as you quoted the whole post, and I think we need to be clear about the facts here.

    Suh had knee surgery early in his college career to clean up some issues that carried over from high school, and then he had additional knee surgery in the spring of 2007. He went on to play three full seasons, dominating the competition. Because of this, Suh's past injury history is not very concerning.

    That is NOT the same as Bradford, who suffered two shoulder injuries in 2009 that eventually shut him down for the whole year and caused him to declare for the draft. These were not his first injuries, and his health/durability as a pro prospect are serious questions for him.

    Had Bradford played 2-3 full seasons without additional injury at a high level, I doubt anyone is having this discussion.

    Quote Originally Posted by CanadianRamsFan View Post
    I know that is will be like talking to a brick wall, because nothing anyone says will change your man crush on Suh, but Bradford came back to early and should have had surgery right after however he wanted to try and come back and play before the season was over. It would be the same as if Suh hadn't had the surgery and tried to come back, he would have hurt his knees again.
    Not according to reports at the time. Bradford's shoulder injury was projected to take 2-4 weeks to heal, but Sam actually sat out closer to five weeks. He then came back and threw 49 passes in a win against Baylor. He said after the game that his arm felt fine. Then he injured it again the following week.

    Now, we can debate whether or not he should have had surgery at the time of his first injury. Maybe there's a discussion there. But based on the medical projections of that injury, Sam did not come back too soon. Again, just trying to clarify the facts here.

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    Re: Sam Can Take A Hit

    i love you

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