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Thread: "Sam" Linebacker Crop Pretty Thin on Draft Weekend.

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    "Sam" Linebacker Crop Pretty Thin on Draft Weekend.

    The Rams are happy with their Middle linebacker, and their WILL linebacker, but they clearly have a huge need for a starting strong side backer, as well as a pass rushing weak side type. We'll find out soon if they address that position in free agency, especially a SAM backer.

    If they do not, this draft offers few alternatives to find a surefire starter on the strong side.

    It's a poor draft for linebackers overall, but most of the ones that look to have NFL talent are Will and Mike Linebackers

    Only two guys who fit the strongside in a 4-3 look to go in round one, Jarvis Jones, and Alec Ogletree. Jones is the better pass rusher, Ogletree, a former safety, is the better space player.

    The other top linebackers are 3-4 OLB Dion Jordan, 3-4 OLB Jamie Collins, 3-4 Barkevious Mingo and MLB Manti Te'o, and undersized Arthur Brown, and Kevin Minter.

    The next tier of OLB are Will linebackers, Khaseem Greene, Sean Porter, Xavier Gooden, and one who fits the Rams need, Chase Thomas of Stanford.

    At 6-3, 240lb, Thomas is a smart guy who had 19 sacks in three years. His lack of speed will put him in round two, but at 48 he might be the last chance to add a starting caliber prospect on the strong side.

    Of course if they go with Ogletree, a definite possibility, in round one, they have their Sam linebacker for the future and present.

    Ogletree has to be in the Rams top draft board guys when they pick 17th, and surely when they pick 22nd. I think he'll be gone by 22 though. He's a guy teams needing that kind of LB could deal UP to get. That happens with a weak crop at a position all the time.

    If they get the chance to go a different way in round one, say a G and a WR, I would be holding my breath for Thomas to make it to 48, and I would take him OVER the possible safeties still there at 48.

    As far as later round possibilities at Sam LB, I'd look at Kiko Alonso out of Oregon, Jake Knott out of Iowa, Nico Johnson of Alabama, and that's about IT !!

    I still think Eric Reid will be the best free safety in the NFL out of this draft, wherever he gets drafted. If he lasted till 48 or late round one after a trade down, he'd be hard to pass up for me.

    Barry Waller

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    Re: "Sam" Linebacker Crop Pretty Thin on Draft Weekend.

    So many holes to fill for the Rams and not enough draft picks... I honestly think the Rams should consider trading down from one of their 1st rounders to secure an extra 2nd round pick or two
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    Re: "Sam" Linebacker Crop Pretty Thin on Draft Weekend.

    Where is Sio Moore? And where do you rank him?

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    Re: "Sam" Linebacker Crop Pretty Thin on Draft Weekend.

    Yup, been on Eric Reid as the best safety in this draft since I saw him play in games for LSU... getting him and Tyrann M. as our safeties of the future is a dream draft to me! Guys who know each other and have played together in this role already is a huge head start for a pair of rookies imho. They seem to complement each others abilities nicely! As for the thread topic you covered the backers really well... Many here seem to like Sio Moore alot. I am not as knowledgeable about him.

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    Re: "Sam" Linebacker Crop Pretty Thin on Draft Weekend.

    I have little to no interest in Chase Thomas until perhaps the late rounds; he seems miscast to me as a 4-3 OLB, and reports from the Senior Bowl seemed to support that. He supposedly struggled trying to cover Michael Williams in Mobile, and Williams is a 5.2 forty kind of guy.

    As for Jones, he's been debated ad nauseam on this board before. I've not been a big proponent of his as a potential option for the Rams, and his pro day did nothing to change that. Great college player, but I'm concerned as to how well he'd fit as a 4-3 OLB.

    For those who put a lot of faith in previous draft history and trends, I could not find a linebacker, middle or outside, drafted in the first round of the last decade to play in the 4-3 who ran slower than a 4.76.

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