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  • Make him sit out the whole year

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  • Make him starter from day one

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  • Ease him in to the line-up

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  • The Rams are not drafting Bradford!

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    Re: Say We Draft Bradford..

    Quote Originally Posted by PeoriaRam View Post
    Which would likely be a first for his career. Just for context.

    Start him from day 1. If he can't hack it, he shouldn't have taken the money.
    Second, actually. He was the starting QB for the '04 Dolphins coming out of training camp. However, he wasn't competing against a first round rookie either. Jay Fielder & Sage Rosenfels........not exactly Bradford (hopefully).

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    Re: Say We Draft Bradford..

    Quote Originally Posted by punahou View Post
    if we drqaft Sadford, and he doesnt start-- then dont draft him at all, when a player like Suh can transition into DT and start much more easily.

    I keep hearing that QB is the most important postion that yields the greatest impact on the team, and that is why the Rams are going to draft Sadford---

    well if he hardly plays then why not wait til next year, or a later round to draft a qb? This is another conundrum that I scratch my head about regarding this organization.
    So we wait until next year to draft a high QB and let him sit a year watching? At some point you just need to draft a QB and get it over with. Every year there will be the same knocks on the QB crop. Mainly that next year's class is perpetually better. Last year everyone said THIS year's crop was better because it had Bradford, now next year's is better because it has Locker, next year there will be a flavor of the month QB who is better than Locker too.

    Also, I'm not one for using history too much, but QB's after the 1st round have historically been not very good in the NFL. Outside of Brady and Brees and Hasselbeck, no one has made any sort of lasting impact on the league from past the 1st round in the last 13 years. Now that doesn't mean player X won't, but what it does mean is that teams actually do have an idea of what QB's will be successful in the league (WHAT?!), and if they think they will be successful, then they take them in the 1st. Why? Because a successful QB is hard to find, and more times than not, your team's playoff hopes ride on your QB, not one of your DT's.

    I like Suh a lot, and I think he will probably be a great player, but the Rams can't keep waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting to get a QB. If we wait until next year, who QB's this year? And who guarantees that anyone worthwhile will be there next year? and if we grab a later round, who QB's for the next 3? Rams need to bite the bullet and take a QB.....IF they determine that Bradford or Clausen is a franchise type QB, OR that McCoy is and they will be able to grab him in the 2nd, but we can't come out of this draft without a QB, or with a QB who won't start for at least 3 years.

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    Re: Say We Draft Bradford..

    I picked ease him into the line-up.

    That depends on the O-line. If Rams have more weapons on offence.
    The starters on the offensive side of the team have no injuries.
    If the line is playing badly let him sit for the year.

    Most Ram fan's did not give Null a chance. He was running for his life at the end of the season with all the injures on the O-line.

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