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    Re: Schefter: Rams "making a lot of noise" about Dorsey

    Quote Originally Posted by smitheRAM View Post
    As ugly as we were last year I think that you draft to win NOW! or at least hoping that the players you draft in the first 3 rounds can be a upgrade or contribute in a need area, making you better now. You don't pick best player on the board even if you think he'll be great someday if it is not a need area. DT is not a great area of need for us. Devaney makes it sound like with the addition of Bell the OL is healed up and ready to go. So DE is our greatest need. Then WR IMO
    The Saints in '06 clearly did not draft to win now, even though they actually did. Reggie Bush was not even a Top 5 need for them at #2 yet they took him, understanding that the draft does not produce instant winners right away and that you would have to look down the road. They drafted well that year along with Bullocks, Evans and Colston, which allowed them to get over the top. However, no team after a horrible season, including us, should go into the draft and pick to win now, it is for the future, much like the Saints did even though it produced instant results that season.

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    Re: Schefter: Rams "making a lot of noise" about Dorsey

    Quote Originally Posted by Dominating D View Post
    Tx did you feel the same way in '99.

    This team has alot of talent, for example

    Pace when healthy is a top Tackle.
    Jackson is a dominate RB
    Bulger is a top QB in the league when healthy and protected
    Holt do I have to say anything?
    Carricker is a young talent
    Little jury is still out on him...
    OJ gets better every year
    Hill I know your personal favorite but he has improved when healthy every year
    Witherspoon nuff said
    Pisa? Helath
    Richie and Alex have steadily improved

    Lots of talent and the NFC is not exactly dominate. Can the Rams contend with Seattle, Arizona, and San Fran... I believe we can....
    We are so much different than we were in 99. Say what you want about Jackson, he's no Marshall Faulk. That's not putting down Jackson at all, but Faulk was in a class 99,9% of the RB's in the league will never be in.

    The WR corp was much younger too. Hakim was a major presense on the team believe it or not, and Torry Holt was just a rookie. Throw Proehl in the mix with Bruce and man, what a WR combo. This team is no where near that.

    Defensively, we had some major hitter. Billy Jenkins made some amazing hits that year. Dre Bly was in the secondary, Tye Hill is not near as good as Bly.

    This team is so much different than in 1998. Lightining doesn't normally strike twice in the same spot people.

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