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    Weddle Guest

    Scott Wright's Wednesday Night Live Chat

    Taken from my YankeeDoodleBrit tumblr blog...

    Scott Wright holds a live chat on his fantastic NFL draft website, DraftCountdown, every Wednesday. I thought I’d join in this week and try and get some questions answered…

    Here is what I had answered!

    YankeeDoodleBrit (11:19) - Which position will be taken the most in round one?

    Scott Wright (11:19) - I am going to cheat a bit and say DE / OLB.

    YankeeDoodleBrit (11:21) - Do you believe the hype around Michael Crabtree marking him out as the top prospect in this year’s class?

    Scott Wright (11:23) - I certainly don’t see Michael Crabtree as the top overall prospect in this draft but I have been going back and watching some more tape of him while preparing to do his scouting report and he is awfully impressive. Needless to say he’ll be moving up in my rankings, probably somewhere in that 3-5 range depending on how he runs at his Pro Day. Crabtree is actually one of the prospects still under consideration for my “Elite” grade.

    YankeeDoodleBrit (11:24) - Who is the most over-rated prospect in this years class? The most under-rated?

    Scott Wright (11:26) - I have long felt that Georgia Tech DE Michael Johnson is the most overrated prospect in this draft and I am sticking to it. As far as underrated guys go, I’ll say North Carolina S Trimane Goddard. To me he is a poor-man’s Rashad Johnson but for some reason he didn’t even get a Combine invite.

    YankeeDoodleBrit (12:06) - Will we see anyone, not ness a QB, have a Leinart/Quinn-esque fall? If so, who?

    Scott Wright (12:06) - I guess the potential is there for Matt Sanchez to drop into the late teens if he gets past San Francisco at #10. I don’t envision that happening though.

    YankeeDoodleBrit (12:19) - After the Wildcat, is there a place for an A-11 offense in the NFL?

    Scott Wright (12:19) - Didn’t the high schools just outlaw the A-11 offense???

    YankeeDoodleBrit (12:32) - Is Robert Ayers a one-season wonder or late-bloomer?

    Scott Wright (12:32) - It looks like he is a late bloomer. Granted he had a nice senior year but he also racked up 12.0 TFL and 4.0 Sacks as a junior too.

    Scott Wright (12:48) - Apparently I am answering a lot of yankeedoodles questions but that is simply because he is asking good ones. I am honestly not even looking at people’s names, I’m just going down the list and picking the best questions.

    YankeeDoodleBrit (1:13) - Thanks for the compliment! - Which player do you think is most likely to be remembered as 2009’s biggest bust?

    Scott Wright (1:14) - Just to annoy all of those people who are complaining about me answering so many of YankeeDoodle’s questions! )

    As I said earlier I think Mark Sanchez has some bust potential. Andre Smith too.

    Not bad for a night’s work eh! More next week I hope, post-combine…

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    jbell15 Guest

    Re: Scott Wright's Wednesday Night Live Chat

    Hahahahaha i was there and it was funny that people kept asking why he kept answering your questions. It was even funnier that i knew it was you.

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    Weddle Guest

    Re: Scott Wright's Wednesday Night Live Chat

    I was asking lots of Rams questions too, he just didn't answer them! Stuff about Holt and Pace's trade values, stuff about Spagnuolo's impact, his thoughts on Andre Smith's stock fall etc...

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