The spread offense makes it extremely hard to evaluate prospects. Unless you are the Cheifs or maybe the Patriots it really hard to see how a player translates from college to the pros. You rarely find a true Tight End these days in the draft, because in college they are all playing in the slot and aren't being asked to run block.

The spread makes you wonder how a guy like Hakeem Nicks would have done playing for Texas Tech. and where his draft status. Nicks may have the best combination of hands and route running in the draft. Crabtree isn't that much bigger and they both have similar speed. What happens if you, put him in that system. What happens if you put Darius Hayward Bay in Jeremy Maclin's position. I think it even affects a lineman, what happens if you put Eugene Monroe in Jason Smith's postion.

Just some food for thought, beware of the spread.