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    Seahawks sign Matt Flynn

    As some of you know I am a Seahawks fan, and my view on Matt Flynn is not totally in focus (made a little clearer by the GM going after him). I have high hopes for him, but am not sold yet.
    Of course we didnt have to sell the farm like the Cards did for Kolb, and only 10 mil if he does not pan out, so he does not kill our cap in the future.
    I basically just wanted to get a feel for your opinion on Flynn and this signing. Thanks

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    Me, I agree with what you say that he is the worth the risk of the money. You cant put a price on a QB that can start for your team. You didn't give up picks or players, so from that aspect that was good for hawks. Now how is he good is as a player? No one can predict that. Personally, I think he is worse than Kolb. He didn't do qnything at LSU that made him seem like a NFL QB. He sat behind Rodgers in a great system and came into demolish a secondary most QBs ended up demolishing last year (the lions). Then again I'm not the smartest in awarding that. I can tell you one thing, let him start one year. By how he plays, I'm better and more spot on in predicting after I see him play as a starting QB for a year.

    But, like I said well worth it to try it out. You can usually tell by just one year if this guy has a future at starting QB or not. Not by the numbers he puts up, well, partly by the numbers he puts up. But mostly by how he plays and how he reads the NFL game next year. You can tell if a QB has the factors that will let him make it in them NFL by watching him play that full year. Especially with Flynn, he sat behind Rodgers so he has game experience, I think how he plays next season Will tell you guys if he is good enough or not.

    And that 10 mill is well worth the risk. You didn't give up the farm or the team. 10 mill isn't much these days, certainly isn't much, to watch a potential QB play for one season and see if he is your franchise QB for the next decade

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    Re: Seahawks sign Matt Flynn

    Yeah, I'd view it as a very limited risk situation. I agree that $10 million guaranteed over three years is minimal, and compared to drafting a rookie, Flynn is going to come in already adjusted to the speed of the pro game. I haven't really seen enough of him to have an opinion, since he's only seen extended playing time in three games over the course of his career. One obvious parallel to me would be Matt Hasselbeck, who once upon a time was another Green Bay backup signed away by the Hawks, although in that case Holmgren was bringing over a player he was familiar with. In this case, Flynn's former OC down in Miami wasn't the one who wound up picking him up. I'm not sure what to make of that.

    You all are giving him pretty close to what the ***** offered Alex Smith. I would guess that might be an indication of where teams are rating him. In the short term, Flynn probably gives you better chances of winning than drafting Tannehill. The real question is going to be where the franchise will be two years from now. Flynn might be a competent solution, but what's his ceiling?

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