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    Second Day Needs

    Going into the 2nd day, the Rams still have a ton picks. I would even think of trading a few to move up, since so many cannot make the team. I think second day needs in order of priority are:

    1. DE - need someone who can move into backup (J. Haye? C. Canty?))
    2. TE (need depth here) (J. Dreessen; Jerome Collins?)
    3. KR - need someone to return kicks (Sproles? Antonio Perkins?)
    4. RB - need a 3rd down back to move in for Faulk (M. Barber? A. Pearman?)
    5. QB - to compete for 3rd spot (McPherson; Fitzpatrick?)
    6. LB - would like a big strong guy to develop for a couple of years and contribute on special teams (L. Mitchell, R. McCune)

    Areas we will grab some experiments on would be WR, CB/S, and OLB.

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    Re: Second Day Needs

    This is how I rate our needs going into Day Two...

    1) SS - Atogwe and Bartell might project better as FS's, meaning we could still use someone to start at SS. Ernest Shazor and Donte Nicholson are still on the board.

    2) TE - Manumaleuna is here for a while, but he's not that great. Rolland Williams is a short-term answer for our blocking packages. A guy like Joel Dreessen on Day Two would give us someone to develop and use as an H-back.

    3) LB - We have solid depth at LB right now, but if Pisa continues to have shoulder problems as a LB, we may need someone to take some time away from him. Someone like Michael Boley or Rian Wallace could be nice situational players and could contribute on special teams.

    4) DE - Obviously we have two starters and have some depth with Williams, Jackson, and maybe even Lewis, but another DE would be welcomed. Someone like Az State's Jimmy Verndon would be a solid pick, and would satisfy the Arizona connection.

    5) KR - Be it a halfback, receiver, or corner, we need to find someone who can compete on special teams and help improve our return game. Antonio Perkins is still out there, I believe.

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    Re: Second Day Needs

    I'd rate the remaining needs in this order:

    1. DE
    2. KR
    3. TE

    Though, I think Shazor would be a great choice if he's still there when the Rams pick next.

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    Re: Second Day Needs

    Ramhard, I honestly like your No. 5 need. As long as it would keep Jamie Martin at bay. I just don't agree we should still have this QB in the roster -- and this is coming from a Martz supporter, yours truly.

    On the other hand, yes, it'd be very helpful for our ST to have a productive KR specialist.

    I thought 2nd year man DeJuan Groce would fill that need.

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    Re: Second Day Needs

    NEEDS>>>>DE, a dangerous KR...... I would love C Canty to come a board.......

    steve :ramlogo:


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