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    The second round might produce big

    I am reading through things, watching the bowl games and the more I think about this a high second pick might be a bigger deal than the second overall.

    Names that might slip to us early second may be huge, and the receiver position comes to mind right away.

    -Mario Manningham (Michigan)
    -Limas Sweed (Texas)
    -Early Doucet (LSU)
    -WR DeSean Jackson (California)
    -Malcolm Kelly (Oklahoma)

    One of these players look to be there when we pick. IF we take Jake Long I am thinking a receiver. If we take Chris Long, o-line will almost certainly be our pick. Maybe it would pay to take Jake for that reason alone. I am not sure there will be an o-lineman (unless Otah is there) at the top of the second that is worth using on such a high second when you still can get such high value on a skill position.

    Make sense?

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    Re: The second round might produce big

    It could happen, especially if we land a good OL in free agency. I certainly hope we don't go for a WR in free agency.

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    Re: The second round might produce big

    Any player drafted in the first two rounds that is not a lineman is big mistake.

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    Re: The second round might produce big

    I think Kelly and Jackson are firsts rouunders. Maningham is fast, but he drops to many balls and Bennet drops enough as is. I am not a huge Sweed or Doucett fan, but a guy i would take if he fell is Adarius Bowman awesome size speed and hands, but since I think we will take Chris Long or Dorsey i think the pick will be Chris Williams OT Vanderbuilt.

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    Re: The second round might produce big

    The problem with going OT in round one and WR in round two is that you're putting off a position that has been an area of need for two seasons now - defensive end. At what point do you address that spot, considering both starters are nearing the end and you only have one true back-up in Adeyanju?

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    Re: The second round might produce big

    I'm all for using a 2nd rounder on a WR if an OL is taken through FA and Chris is the Rams #1.

    I would also add DJ Hall to the names of potential WR's in the second round.
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    Re: The second round might produce big

    I could see Cherilus, Otah, maybe Williams and maybe even a guy like Oher (if he slips) available there. From a value standpoint, if we can lure a lineman in dree agency--I'm gunning for Jacob Bell from Tennessee--then a DE/WR combo wouldn't disappoint me one bit, provided we adressed OT either in round three or early on day 2. Maybe a comp. pick for Curits.

    I'd love to land Manningham and Chris Long, but I think I'd equally love Chris Long and Williams--even if we do get an offensive lineman via the waiver wire.

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