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Thread: The Secondary

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    Country Guest

    The Secondary

    I don't see anyone talking about the Rams secondary, but to me it is major concern.


    Jemetrius Butler, is on his way out.
    Travis Fisher, is probably not going to resign.

    CB is an area where the Rams will need some help and some decent depth. I don't feel comfortable going into the season without 4 solid CBs on the roster.

    Chavous, is old
    Otogwe, is an adequete starter but could be upgraded.
    Carter, yet to show much
    Carpenter, strictly special teams.

    S is a position of serious need.

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    smizzhfx Guest

    Re: The Secondary

    You wonder why you don't see anyone talking about the Rams secondary?

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    Re: The Secondary

    After his late season improvements, Atogwe has secured his spot as the team's starting free safety. A veteran upgrade over Dwaine Carpenter could be an option, but I don't see us making a big splash there.

    At strong safety Chavous is old but can still play. Carter can be upgraded, so perhaps a SS in the draft or picking up a young free agent to compete with him.

    At corner, we need a 4th guy. I don't see us making any moves to unseat those top three.

    Overall it's probably not talked about because we don't need any major immediate upgrades.

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    Re: The Secondary

    with the problems on DL we have, im surprised anyone wants to talk about the secondary

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    snowbozo21 Guest

    Re: The Secondary

    Jon Alston is also at SS

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    Drew Guest

    Re: The Secondary

    solid but cheap back ups needed maybe one CB and a S but could say the same about WR and O-line its D-line we need the most,so therefore that gets the talk!


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