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    Should Rams trade for Colt McCoy

    This is my second time reading about Colt McCoy possibly being on the trading block and both times ESPN reported St. Louis is a likely destination here's the latest:

    Based upon a pair of reports from the past few days -- the first from Tony Grossi of ESPN Cleveland and the second from's Daniel Jeremiah -- it would seem that Cleveland Browns QB Colt McCoy is back on the trading block, and according to Jeremiah, the club is only looking for "minimal compensation" in return. While one ultimate outcome would be the Browns simply releasing McCoy, we opened up our rumor dossier on the Texas product to have a look at some of the potential destinations for the QB.
    The St. Louis Rams are one option, with the primary argument being that McCoy would provide more security behind Sam Bradford than Kellen Clemens does currently. If the asking price is truly small, it's not a bad move for St. Louis to give themselves some peace of mind.
    If the Browns feel like making a deal with team president Mike Holmgren's former employer, the Green Bay Packers make sense as a trade partner as well. ESPN Insider Chris Sprow argued in a column earlier this offseason that McCoy would make a better backup to Aaron Rodgers than Graham Harrell, though there have been some positive remarks emanating from Packerland about the Texas Tech product. But again, we can't rule them out.
    Other teams that were included as speculative possibilities after the first night of the draft -- including the Philadelphia Eagles and Seattle Seahawks -- acquired a QB in the later rounds. This doesn't necessarily eliminate them completely, but makes a trade more unlikely for them.
    One team to keep in mind as a wild card in all of this is the Denver Broncos. Sure, the Broncos have a legend as their starting QB in Peyton Manning, but should Manning get hurt -- and he is coming off an extensive amount of surgery on his neck -- their fate will be determined by Caleb Hanie. The Broncos can ask the Chicago Bears how that worked out for them in 2011. As with the Rams and Packers, McCoy would appear to offer an upgrade over the current backup, though it remains to be seen if the Broncos agree with that assessment.
    In the end, McCoy could of course be released, which would alter the landscape a bit; then again, if the asking price truly is "minimal," it's hard to fathom his going unclaimed in the coming weeks, especially given the shaky backup QB situations in certain NFL cities.

    - Tim Kavanagh

    Quite frankly i dont see how McCoy is an improvement over Clemmens both have starting experience...but both were unsuccessful to keep their job
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    Re: Should Rams trade for Colt McCoy

    Eh, no thanks. Besides being an Aggie and naturally not liking all things Texas, reports from the Browns camp is that Brandon Weeden's throws are much more crisp and sharp than McCoy's, whose balls are still wobbly and lack velocity just like last year and his college years. Seems like he still hasn't been able to improve much in this area where he needs the most work.

    As of now, I trust Clemens a lot more than McCoy.

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    Re: Should Rams trade for Colt McCoy

    Na Ill pass.

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    Re: Should Rams trade for Colt McCoy

    I'm a Colt McCoy fan. And in the right offense McCoy can succeed (such as Chad Pennington). I just don't know if this is it.
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    Re: Should Rams trade for Colt McCoy

    Clemens was the backup on the jets under schotty so I dont see how he doesnt have a leg up here.....

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    Re: Should Rams trade for Colt McCoy

    Clemens and McCoy are both somewhat weak-armed QBs. However, Clemens has more experience in our system, and frankly I thought filled in well last year. McCoy, he's a bigger ? to me, I'd rather keep Clemens.

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    Re: Should Rams trade for Colt McCoy

    I wouldnt trade anything to get mccoy and i wouldnt trade anything to get clemens. I am strongly of the view that if sammy gets hurt, we are going nowhere in any event and i dont want to give up anything to upgrade from clemens, who at least knows the system.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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